calling all dallas texas unicyclist!

ok. well there isnt alot of unicycle conventions or anything in the dallas area. theres only the i thought i want us all to plan a week where anyone that can come to this and we could have a little “convention” or a get together as some people may call it. also i need ideas of good trials/muni place where we can meet. im gonna see if maybe i can get a few vendors to come and advertise our beloved sport. i was thinking of the plano area reserve on parker just west a midway in plano, but there isnt any good trials there. son any suggestions?

ooops i ment to put weekend not week. and perferably 1 day.

I could go. I could get a few others that ride here to come too.

I have no idea where to meet though.

Well I and a friend of mine (Monkeyman on the forums) live in a suberb of Dallas (Rowlett), but you’re kinda bringing this up at an inopportune time - summer vacation’s almost over and our schedules’ll probably be pretty filled.

I live in the US, lol.

Yeah, what he said…I’d be glad to show up, if it were during the summer…our school starts in a week, and Plano (and maybe Dallas) schools started last week…maybe during a break during the school year, but your/our best bet would be during summer.

yah probably so ill plan another time.