California Mountain Unicycle Weekend, Sept. 17-19

on the t-shirts. i think you should do long sleeves, or white with black 3 quarter sleeves.


  1. Remember, it’s first come, first served at Lloyd’s house and the cabin(s). So far only two requests for Lloyd’s and one for cabin! Pretty soon we’ll have to go ahead and book the cabins, which will set the limit on how many people we have room for. Please email me if you want to sign up for either. Sorry, won’t know cabin cost until we book 'em.

NOTE: If you sign up for cabin space, that means you get a bed (unless you request floor). Each cabin should have at least two bathrooms.

  1. Kris Holm is planning to come!

  2. Northstar lifts:
    We got a group rate on the gondola/lifts of $25. If there are over 50 of us, it could drop to $20 but I can’t guarantee 50, so for now it’s going to be $25. If you only plan to go up and ride down once, you can buy a single ride ticket for $20 (on your own). Otherwise, the plan is to go up at least once in the morning, and once again in the afternoon.

Hikers (no cycle) can ride the gondola for $5. This goes halfway up, or the gondola+Vista chair lift for $15. In other words, hikers don’t need to buy the $25 cyclists lift ticket unless they plan to go up more than once.

  1. Northstar lunch:
    You can pre-order a box lunch, which will be waiting for you after the morning ride-down. These lunches are expensive at $15.00, but have an advantage over ordering in their deli there. There are five choices on the lunch, which all basically consist of either a fancy sandwich/croissant or salad, chips or veggie sticks, cookie or brownie, and a soda. Various combinations.

It’s also possible to order lunch in their deli, and it might be cheaper. But the deli sandwiches are handmade, and it takes time. If 50 people show up and order sandwiches, you won’t be happy. We will not be the only people there, so unless you bring lunch, I recommend ordering the box lunch. Those will have to be ordered in advance. There are no other food places at Northstar that I’m aware of (this may have changed since 2000).

  1. Registration forms:
    I’ll try to get one posted tomorrow. Cabin fees and anything we do for a group dinner will not be included, but I’ll take a guess on the T-shirt price and have it in there. I have a design idea I think you’ll like Color suggestions? Maximum 2 for ink, one for shirt.

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  3. Remember to keep checking the web site for updates! Post questions here or email them to me.

so are these cabins really big? or is it like a bunk house? whats the “me space” like? is my sleeping head right next to somones sleeping feet?

does 2 bathrooms mean 2 showers?

you said the price would be about half of a motel in the area, that would make it about $50 a night since most motels are about 85 to $100 a night.

how close are these cabins to the “civilizied world” like a store or whatever.

Re: California Mountain Unicycle Weekend, Sept. 17-19

Any other velocity challenged riders going? I’m definitely going and
it might be nice to have a slow group to ride with.


I can only compare to the other Tahoe area cabins I’ve been to. These generally have several beds in a bedroom (not like a big dorm). Maybe a set or two of bunk beds, and/or a regular bed. You will likely be sharing with somebody.

In the cabin situation, you should not be right on top of each other. In the free stuff at Lloyd’s, no guarantees. If you have to sleep right by someone’s feet, give them a discrete sniff first to make sure it’ll be okay.

I will do my best to make sure of this. Generally bathroom means tub or shower. A tub without a shower will not be helpful. I’ll keep the shower need in mind when we book.

As we haven’t booked the cabins yet, I do not know exactly where they will be, or how much it will cost. The ones in Truckee tend to be smaller and/or more expensive. The bigger ones are closer to Incline Village (like in 2000) which is further away than I’d like to be. Exact distance to stores and civilization will be unknown until we book. My preference is as close to Lloyd’s house as possible. Lloyd is a couple of miles away from civilization himself, but we may be on the other side of town, or 5 or more miles to the south, in Kings Beach.

Even the more expensive cabins I’ve looked at should come out to significantly less than $50/night ($100/person, even for 4 nights, I hope). I just don’t want to take a guess and have it be too low.

Sorry there isn’t more detail than that. If I’d had more lead time (without two huge conventions in the way) I’m sure I could have had all this worked out by now. But with the free housing available at Lloyds, it’s hard for me to guess how many people will want to pay for a cabin.

Hi all. Just a quick bit of good news. I will be able to house 3-4 people If they e-mail me soon, I have a nice king size bed for 1 or two people and another room that can hold 2-3 people(dont worry all the rooms are indoors and well a/c(or heated). First come first serve. I will proviode food for you if you want and a ride to all the events(posibly not the friday event). Email me if youy are interested and we can iron out the details.

for more DH-Oriented riders (too out of shape to ride 12 miles in high altitude) will there be anything else planned for that day? or am i the only one?

I will go for a cabin slot, assuming they turn out to have showers. I’m currently planning on flying in Thursday, flying out Monday, but I may fly out Sunday night instead if I can change my flight without a penalty. I would say count me in for Thursday, Friday, Saturday night.

I may be able to talk my mother into driving me. She can chill out in scenic Tahoe while I…also chill in scenic Tahoe.

Unfortunately Rosh Hashana ends the day this begins, if I can go I may come up Saturday.

I was wondering what Rash Hashana is when I looked on the calendar maybey you could explain it to me.

We are going to do our best to have alternate (shorter) rides for people, as there may be many riders not willing to do the big Rim Trail ride. At the moment, we’re not sure the exact distance and details of that ride. Lloyd Johnson has done it on a bike, but not recently and was not thinking in terms of details. So we’re going to ride it on Labor Day weekend.

At the same time, we’ll be thinking about shorter options. But the way the trails go in that area, I’m not sure what will be a good, rewarding ride that’s short without being an out-and-back.

In the early MUni Weekends I always tried to set up separate “novice” rides. After a few years it became obvious that most participants were not scared away by difficult terrain; they liked to watch the experts ride it. So it became more a question of fitness level. Any alternate rides we come up with will be based on either less mileage or less climbing.

Note the Rim Trail has less up than Mr. Toads (Friday’s ride from 2000), with more down than up. But the mileage is still what it is, so that’s a factor. The Flume Trail, which is non-technical for the most part, was about 14 miles, and still involved about 900’ of climbing. If you did either of those, you can use them as comparisons.

Anyway, never fear. We will be thinking about alternate rides when we plan our weekend!

You are a progressive Pope. Previous Popes din’t pay Rosh Hashana no never-mind at all! No comment about driving up on the sabbath… :smiley:

Catboy: It’s a holiday (observed by at least one Pope). Look it up.

Is there anybody flying in to Reno on Thursday who might be able to help Joey Cohn and myself get a ride to Lloyds house? We aren’t old enough to rent a car, which is a pain. We’ll contribute to any rental/gas expenses.



I arrive at 7:08pm on Thursday, will be renting a car, and will be happy to help with a ride. I’m staying at “the cabins” whatever that turns out to be, and will go on the assumption that they won’t be an hour’s drive in the opposite direction from Lloyd’s place. I don’t have a mental map of the area, so not sure yet what I’m committing to in that regard.

What time do you guys arrive?

I just wanted to pipe in on this one since I’m a big (but much smaller than when I started riding 1.5 years ago), out of shape rider myself. It really doesn’t matter if you can ride the whole thing or not. In fact I wouldn’t really consider “the ride” very high on the priority list of reasons to go. More important is meeting people, learning from riders who are better than you, and just surrounding yourself with a diverse crowd of people who all understand why you’ve taken such a liking to this still somewhat obscure sport.

Lets face it, for us who are lucky enough to have great trails nearby, the riding conditions of CMW are less than ideal. 50+ riders going down the trail at the same time causes all sorts of log jams with the added bonus of having to suck dust for miles at a time.

That said, would I recommend NOT riding at Muni weekend? HECK NO!!! Muni weekend is a fricken blast. I was probably the worst rider last year, slept on a strangers floor (thank you again John & Jacquie!), and didn’t go on the last ride for fear I wouldn’t make it. Guess what… Still had a blast! I met more cool people on that trip than I had in a long time. I learned more on that trip about riding than I had in the previous 6 months. And after that trip, I walked away with a VERY strong desire to improve my riding and continue riding with people that I’d met there.

Don’t let the 14 mile trails scare you. We have pretty gnarly trails here in SB and there are large chunks that I still can’t ride. Don’t ask yourself if you can ride the entire trail but if you can hike it with your uni and gear. I figure if I’m not riding I’m at least out hiking in a beautiful place and I’m sure as heck not stuck in a communications closet with my back to a buzzing high voltage transformer configuring a switch that I was told needed to go up last minute because a faculty member suddenly changed thier mind about where to hold thier class. See what I mean? You’ll still catch up with other riders while they ride sections over and over again and you’ll get to try some too. And if I’m on the trail I can guarantee that you won’t be the last one in :slight_smile:

Hope this helps any of you out of shape folks who are trying to decide whether or not to go. I’ll be there


I plan to go, and if possible I’d like to stay at Lloyd’s place. My only issue is transportation there. I don’t know if I’ll be able to hitch a ride with Zack Baldwin, so I’m wondering if anyone other than him will be driving or taking a train (is that even possible?)up to the muni weekend from the San Francisco/Bay Area or Santa Cruz or Sacramento. Please, if you are able to accomodate another person and are planning to be there for all 3 days, e-mail me at: onewheeler(at) .


Just a quick Note:

For anyone who needs a place, I am full and can not house any more people so sorry to all of you hopeful visitors.

Well said, Matt. I would also add that to some degree riding with a group will pull you along and make you do things you didn’t know you could.



I know these questions may be impossible to answer, but I will ask anyway.

Do you know what times the rides will start and finish each day?

Are there going to be evening group meals or gatherings other than the Sunday one you mentioned?

Any comment on how non-rider friendly the locations and schedule will be?

I am also wondering how many of you may be bringing wives/girlfriends, or other non-riding people.
I would like for my wife to come meet you guys and see some riding, but don’t know how it will work out and if it is worth the travel involved.


My wife and I are flying in from Canada. She just started riding about a month ago and is doing quite well but is not ready for anything off road just yet. We ran into Jeff Groves and Ryan Atkins near my home when we were off to do some grocery shopping on Saturday evening. Ryan was trying a narrow rail about five feet off the ground on one side and it curved as well. Anyway, I got a little side tracked. He was telling my wife that she could hang out with Kris Holm’s and John Foss’s wife and hike the trails as we ride if she wanted.