California Mountain Unicycle Weekend date announcement!


The dates have been chosen for the 1998 California Mountain Unicycle Weekend:
October 17-18! This weekend does not conflict with any of the dates people asked
me to avoid. It’s a little later in the season to give you some extra time to
make those travel reservations!

Oct. 17 will be at the American River Canyon in Auburn, as we’ve been the first
two years. The location for Oct. 18 is still up in the air. Maybe Sly Park?
Maybe the Stevens Trail? Maybe someplace else. I’m looking for a nice place with
variety to keep a wide range of riders happy with Brett Bymaster on one end of
the scale and Gary Bundesen on the other. :slight_smile: (Gary doesn’t have email)

So make your plans to attend! Further details will be reported via email, and
eventually on my web site. But probably not until after UNICON…

Stay on top, John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone

“I intend to live forever! So far, so good.”