California Coast Classic

Following a knee injury in December, I decided that I needed something BIG to challenge myself into getting back in shape. So right about the time of my 43rd birthday in March, I registered to do the Arthritis Foundations fundraising ride along the Pacific Coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles. It is approx. 520 miles of the most beautiful and challenging route I have ridden. The money raised by riders goes to research and education. For those interested in doing the ride with me and about 150 bicyclists, see below:

For those who don’t want to do the ride, but would like to help me toward my goal, please see:

The biggest challenge for me wasn’t the miles (65mi./day), it was riding for 8 days without a day off. Day #4 in particular, just about broke me down. It was 66 mi. with over 5,000 ft. of climbing. I arrived at camp in San Simeon just as everyone else was finishing dinner. The other riders got up and gave me a round of applause.

Because I was the only unicyclist in 2002, it got a little lonely at times. It would be very cool to have some Cokering company. How about it?

Is there anybody out there?

I know that the distance riding community is small, but zero replies?

Now there is at least one.

Re: Is there anybody out there?

It’s getting bigger every day…

Scot, this looks like a cool event. I’d actually love to ride it. Even with my new GB4 36 on the way, however, I think that kind of distance and time commit are out of my league for this year. My current goal is to put 500+ on the new 36 by summer’s end, but that won’t happen over a week. That said, next year would be something great for me to shoot for.

As an arthritic, I support the cause and will help sponsor you. I’ll PM you with detail.

Good luck on the ride.


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)I know that the distance riding community is small, but zero replies?
)Now there is at least one.

I don’t really have time to do the whole thing, but I might be convinced
to ride along out of SF.


Can’t get off of work that long but I should be able to Coker a leg of the voyage with you as you approach LA.

Stay in tuch.


John Long

Ditto to what others have said - I will have completely burned all my vacation on other various other unicycle trips this year. If you don’t mind, I’ll join you for day 2 from Santa Cruz.

Also count on me for sponsorship - it’s a great cause (and we love tax deductions!)


Re: California Coast Classic

Hey Scot,

Do you remember talking to me about this during the Cal Muni weekend? Well, I haven’t forgotten about it. I’d really like to have an accomplishment like this under my belt. I’m pretty intimidated by what a ride like this would entail though. Could you tell me a little bit about what kind of training you did for it in 02?

The thing is, I’m not quite sure that I’m a monster like you. The most I’ve ridden in one day is only about 35 miles. My current coker is pretty stock, although I just struck a deal to buy someone’s custom coker :slight_smile:

I’d like to do this, and I think I need to decide to commit in the next month or so in order to allow enough time for training.

I’ll PM you my number. We should talk about this.


Thanks to all of you who replied.

As a result of this thread, I now have my first donation (thanks TB) toward the goal of $3,000 and may have another Coker rider joining the cause. I am stoked!

This ride is unlike any of the unitours I’ve done before, but it is also one of the most beautiful.