Calgary, AB - 150mm cranks ISIS to test

Hey all,

I was ready to go, mind made up. I just bought a Nimbus 26" Muni a month ago with stock 165mm ventures, planning on buying Spirits in either 150/127, or 165/137. I had finally decided I wanted 150/127’s to give me some more spin that the 165’s don’t quite seem to allow. Then I went riding today, my first trip on somewhat technical terrain, and now I just don’t know what I want.

I understand if you wouldn’t feel comfortable doing so, but does anyone in Calgary have any 150mm ISIS cranks they might be willing to let me try? I live in Airdrie, but am often in Calgary and work in Calgary. I was able to get success last time I was wanting to try something (Nimbus 26" muni, solidified my purchase decision) thanks to 4umfreak (thanks again) which was unexpected, so I thought I might try again.