Cades Cove Loop Ride...

I had an awesome ride this past Sunday afternoon. I rode my Muni around the 11 mile Cades Cove Loop. This is a one-way paved road through a section of the Great Smoky Mountians National Park in Tennessee. There are several big up and down hills on this ride. Also, because of the volumn of traffic on the loop, I rode at least one mile of the eleven in the ditch.

The fall colors were wonderful. Because of the spectacular beauty during Autumn in this area, the cars were bumper-to-bumper for about a third of the ride. This made the ride extra fun. I got to PASS CARS on my Muni!!! I would weave in and out from the left to the right, depending upon which side of the car the driver left the most clearance.

The ride was my longest ever. My previously long ride was less than 7 miles. The 11 miles took me 1 hour and 46 minutes. My Muni is a FAY-KH24 with 170mm cranks.

The comments from non-uni humans were all great. Most were asking how far I was planning to ride. When I would say the whole 11 miles, they would shake their heads in amazement. On the last 1/3 of the ride, all the comments were of the awe-struck type. “Your incredible”, “I wish I had your legs” , I can’t believe what I am seeing", “You must be in awesome shape!”

Those kind of comments, as well as having completed my longest ride to date, made for a great day of Unicycle riding! BTY, I gotta find some shorter cranks :D!–chirokid–

Way to Go!!! Passing cars on a MUni, got to love that. Sounds like a beautiful place to spend on MUni.

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That’s some of the most beautiful land in Tennessee. You’re a lucky MUniac. :sunglasses:

You’ll miss the long cranks if you get off that paved road. Aren’t there 1000 foot woodsy hills just off to the right? That paved ride is tailor made for a proper 29r or Coker.

Wish I was there.

All the best from the Mudflats of Tennessee,

At about the same time I was at Wilson Creek, (mile marker 307.9 on the Blue Ridge parkway, go downhill to the fishing spot parking area) riding an awesome 3+1/2 mile downhill run on a forest service fire road. There were lots of bear hunters, but no bears, a really long and beautiful black snake that was just minding its own business, and some spectacular scenery. It was a great day! carjug

Mike, getting to pass the cars was awesome. I guess I failed to mention that most of the cars would then pass me back, then as they slowed to look at an 8 point buck or a group of turkey, I would pass them again. By the last couple of miles of the ride, most driver’s were actually pulling to the right side of the road when they would stop, allowing me room to ride by on the left hand side of the road. --chirokid–

It is literally miles to the tops of some of the mountains that trailoff into Cades Cove. The bad news is, the Park Service in the Great Smoky Mountains National Parks says “Walking or Horse Only”, now wheels allowed on the trails.

I wish you were here too Tom. We need to have an Tennessee Ride soon. A great spot would be this 11 mile Cades Cove loop. Maybe I could get a loaner Coker for the ride:D --chirokid–

With a little organizing, we could meet around Nashville. Hard to spur of the moment too many. But I bet I could get 2 or 3 from here. I’ll ask around. (M-F)

Hey Chirokid,

Several of us are meeting in Nashville tomorrow, Hamilton Creek Trail, 2:30. If ya wanna make the drive it would be good to see you and ride with you.

Let me know if you are planning on making it.

Let’s try to get a ride together. I would assume there are a couple of guys from Nashville that would join us too.

With planning, I will be able to schedule better. Very busy this weekend, but I will e-mail you soon. --chirokid–

Tommy, can you give me some particulars on the Hamilton Creek Trail ride.

Is it really trail, or paved road? Is a 24 Muni OK for the ride? How long will the ride be? Directions coming in on I-40 West?

I have to go ride my uni at a Fall Festival for 3 hours tonight. Then I am taking a group of 10 teens to a “Hell House” at 11 PM tonight. But, If I feel up to it tomorrow, and my wife says “Go”, I will point my truck and Muni toward Nashville. Thanks for the invite.

I will check this post when I get back home in the early morning hours. Everyone have a safe and fun Halloween Night! --chirokid–

ANYONE know where Hamilton Creek Trail is located in Nashville? --chirokid–

Sorry I couldn’t get back to you sooner!

Check the MUC website/ Links/MUni/North American Trails/ Tennessee/Hamilton Creek.

There you will find directions and descriptions. I’ve ridden this trail only once. It is great. No paved sections that I remember.

Thanks Tommy. I had just done a search for Hamilton Creek Trail on the web before seeing your post. I am going to try to make it for the ride (walk possible in my case). My wife and girls are still in bed, but as soon as they are up I am going to see if Dad can have the day for ME! 2:30 PM Central Time, right?

Kid, how’d it go? Did you pick up a few good tips from Grandmaster 2T?