CA MUni Weekend Registration Form now available


It’s time to register for the California Mountain Unicycle Weekend! The
registration form is now up, and you can get the information at:

The important part of the form is the signature, so that’s why you have to mail
it. Also, your checks will help me pay for the T-shirts! The shirt design is
still in the works.

Last Sunday I took a ride all around Sly Park. The trail is excellent! And I
devised our competition event for that day, which will be called the
Jenkinson Lake Wheel Dip. Don’t worry, it’s a unicycle racing event, of a
sort. Details to follow. We will hold it at the end of the ride this time,
after everybody’s tired!

The next update to the web site should have new pictures, driving directions,
and information about hotels and camping. Reservations are needed for Sly Park,
and until I get the info up, you can call the park for further information:
(530) 644-2545. We will ride from the Pinecone camp area in the park.

I plan to always copy these messages to the Unicycling Mailing List also. If you
read the mail list (or and don’t want to receive these
messages twice, please drop me an email and I’ll put you on a duplicates list.
This means I’ll keep your email address handy, but will not include you in these
big mailings (currently I have to send to 4 bunches of people to prevent errors
at peoples’ servers).

Get your equipment ready!

Stay on top, John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone

California Mountain Unicycle Weekend Be there! Oct. 17 & 18