CA MUni Weekend: Driving Directions

This message contains driving directions to MUni Weekend events.

BACKGROUND: If you are not familiar with the area, of course you should have a
proper map. The maps on the MUni Weekend web site are from If you
go there, click on Maps. With a little patience, you can call up maps of almost
anything. I still recommend a real map, on which Lake Tahoe is more than 1 inch
across. If necessary, buy one in a gas station.

For the most part, all driving directions for the MUni Weekend are very simple.
Our main road is Interstate 80 (longest continually paved road in the world),
and everything is very close to it. To read these directions you will have to
have a basic understanding of the four points of the compass. If you don’t,
maybe you should finally learn it now?

SATURDAY NORTHSTAR (registration starts at 8:00, official start at 9:00):

Take I-80 to Truckee. This is East from Auburn and West from Reno. Truckee is
the only big town near Lake Tahoe along I-80. There are several Truckee exits.
You will exit at Route 267, which is east of town. If you are approaching from
the west, you will pass some other Truckee exits first.

Upon exiting, follow 267 South for about 5 miles to the Northstar entrance. From
Reno, this should be a left turn at the end of the exit ramp (unless it’s a
loopy exit, in which case go South). From the West, it’s definitely a right
turn. 267 goes into downtown Truckee, and turns left at a stop sign. Just follow
the signs for 267. Once out of town it’s easy. in about 5 miles you will come to
a large entrance with large Northstar sign (right turn). Once on the Northstar
property, follow signs for the Village. When you arrive at the village, park and
head for the patio area with the tables and chairs on it. Our exact registration
location should be obvious from there.

SATURDAY TO RENO (5:00 or so):

Go back the way you came out of the Northstar property. Turn left on 267 back
toward I-80. Get on I-80 East (should be a right turn) and enjoy the scenery for
35 miles. You can’t miss Reno. Circus Circus is only a couple of blocks from the
freeway. Exit at Virginia St. I prefer parking at the Silver Legacy. Follow
Virginia St. South until you see the sign for Self Parking at the Silver Legacy
(about 3-4 blocks). You will have to get your parking stub validated before
leaving, or it’s not free. We will probably do this drive in a group, because
the directions from the Silver Legacy garage to the Eldorado buffet are way too
complicated to try to write!

SUNDAY TO AUBURN (9:00am start):

Auburn is a gold rush town that grew up. It’s right on I-80. Follow 80 into
Auburn, exit at Route 49 and head South. This is a left turn if you’re coming
from Reno/Tahoe, and a right turn if you came from the West. Follow the signs
for Route 49 through a few turns in the Auburn downtown. Eventually you’ll be
headed downhill into the Canyon. If you get lost in Auburn, just ask directions
to the Confluence in the Canyon. When you get to the bottom of the Canyon, Route
49 turns right across the river. Go straight about 1/4 mile and park. We will be
meeting where we did last year, on the left side of the road near the little
outhouse, which is our landmark. CAUTION: This street has more traffic on it
this year because it’s no longer a dead end. Watch the cars!


Go back up out of the Canyon the way you came down. When you get to the top, go
straight at the first light (Lincoln Way). Turn right at the second light (Elm
Ave.). Follow Elm up and over the freeway, and downhill to a big intersection
with Route 49 (yes, this way is a shortcut). Turn right on 49 and go about 1 1/2
miles. this is uphill most of the way. Soon after reaching the top, keep your
eyes open for Original Pete’s on the left side. Last year’s pizzas were too good
not to eat again!

Again, the lunch ride and the Reno ride will probably be done in groups.

Call or email if you have any questions!

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