C3 stainless steel 700c standard racer

Hi everyone,

I’ve been busy building a custom 700c racer, using a KVA MS3 stainless steel tubeset. If you’re interested, here is my blogpost:

and my photo-album

Ken :slight_smile:

Holy cow Ken that uni is beautiful!

Sexy doesn’t begin to describe it. And that’s the size of tire I enjoy the most for road riding, which makes it even better.

Beautiful! It’s always inspiring to see new ideas that bring excellent results.

That is awesome Ken. I bet you get a good average speed on that uni.


That looks really nice. You could also take the black finish and sharp corners off the cranks and polish them up :sunglasses: .

Looks great. I never thought about using stainless steel because I thought it would be heavy. Who did you get the frame from?


Ken, you always make the coolest stuff.


Where did you get the SS bearing holder? How were the SS tubes bent?


Thanks for the nice comments everyone.

It’s a project I had been thinking about for the last 3yrs.

The Unicycle is custom built by a local frame maker, Anders Waiker from C3.

Most bicycle tube manufacturers produce a stainless steel tubeset, usually for their high end. They are quite popular among custom bicycle frame builders…stronger than Cromoly and corrosion resistant. We used a KVA MS3 road bike chainstay, which comes preformed in an s-bend and double butted. You can also get straight versions and mountainbike bends.

I haven’t colour coordinated thd components very well, but I did swap the blue seat for a black one!

Weight/specs and ride review are in my blog post.

Do you plan to put a brake on it? If so, would you go rim or disc? If disc, looks like only outer would fit. Would there be enough room to weld on rim brake mounts?

Nope :slight_smile:

Don’t need one, this is a standard unicycle.

What’s the cost of the frame, in USD? A 36er would look awesome with that style frame!

bearing housing

Judging from the paint, the bearing housing is not stainless steel?

I was wondering the same thing, and why he painted it from the midpoint down, rather than keep it entirely stainless. Is that spray paint or powder coat? It also so shiny it looks like chrome!

I’m assuming they are Nimbus bearing holders. UDC sells them raw on their website for builders :wink:

I like the color like that, I think it adds a bit of personnality to the uni! :slight_smile:

Painted fork ends were fairly common on older bicycles so I think it gives it a nice vintage touch. Very elegant and much better than if you’d just left it stainless.

I don’t know about older bicycles; a lot of custom builds use that style. Check out the other SS bikes on his website. My Cervelo road bike is paint over chrome, with raw chrome on seat/chainstays and part of the top tube.

I thought if we went full stainless it would look a rather unfinished.

The stainless tubing has high chromium content, so gives it a chromed appearance once polished up. Yes, those are UDC bearing holders. We debated getting some SS holders machined, but it would have cost a few hundred dollars and we wanted to iron out any design issues for the first prototype.

It was a toss up between getting it powder coated vs spray painted. Anders suggested a spraypainter because it gives a more even finish, and the guy he uses is the best in the business. We had to send it away to another city to get it done though.

The custom frame came to NZ$740, including paint. Works out at the current exchange rate of US$507 (@0.6856).

Awesome ride :smiley: I’ve always wanted to try a real ‘bacon slicer’ 700c uni. Just curious though - what makes this a ‘standard racer’? I thought standard implied a 24" wheel?