[BUYING] Street Saddle

I’m looking to buy any good saddle that can be used for street/trials stuff. I want a price hopefully alot below a new kh saddle ($50).
It needs to fit a DX seatpost, and I want it to be a thin saddle.
It would be nice if you live near Oregon, but if not… we can see how much the shipping costs :smiley:
Thanks alot

(If my post is a little confusing… I need a slim saddle, under $50, fits a DX post, probably either a Koxx1 or KH. )
And nothing too beat up :stuck_out_tongue:

[TRADE] Lefty SW Deathgrip for Righty DG

I know this is a longshot but I’ve got a left handed Scott Wallis carbon fiber Deathgrip handle and I’d rather have a right handed one instead. I’m willing to pay the difference if yours is in better condition.

If I can’t find someone to swap out for the righty handle I’ll most likely be willing to trade for other items. This handle is now a rare find as theres no telling when Scott will start production again. I’d be interested in qu-ax ISIS 125mm tubular cranks. Let me know if you are interested.

hey man if you cant find one of theses go for the nimbus gel i cant believe how sexy it is to hold, sit on, everything

Ok, Ill check it out :smiley:

Are KH saddles better than the nimbus? For like $10, i would rather get a better one :thinking:

The only thing better about the KH saddles is that you can remove and replace the cover but I prefer the foam on the Nimbus Gel over the fusion street saddle.

I think the fact that the KH cover is removeable is realy good, it alows you to easily upgrade to a CF base or fix anything if it goes wrong.

Ok, so Ill pretty much buy any good used saddle :smiley:
PM me! :smiley:

Nobody has a saddle for sell? :frowning:

If you’ve already got the DX saddle you can cut down the foam to make it lower profile. That would be the cheapest option.

Generally when people get a good saddle theres no reason for them to sell it, if they upgrade they transfer all the goods to a CF base. Thats going to make finding a good used saddle difficult.

Well I want to cut down the foam, but I’m scared I will ruin it… (Which I probably will :o ) And in the past (week I think…) there have been 2 koxx1 whitewidow saddles sold, Which I was too slow to get though… :angry:

So I might as well give it a go :smiley:

go on UCD and buy a nimbus gel.
there good.
they are way more comfortable then the KH street.

Are they really?
How strong are the nimbus saddles, and how big are they?

in this thread, it sounds kinda like its not a good saddle… :thinking:

i am going to join in on this question…
is the comfort of the nimbus worth giving up the removable cover or is the removable cover worth giving up for the comfort.

and also, is the nimbus cover attached by staples or clippy things like on a torker lx saddle? thanks again

and srry for the semi-thread jack NKahler

yes its comfy but you can get the kh cover separately if you want it to be removable it is the same style seat.

its fine :smiley:

So are the KH and the Nimbus seats the same shape then? :thinking:

yeah but the point of nimbus over KH for me is $$$ so if i bought a removable cover…there foes that idea:p thanks for the pics and tellin me

yeah i think so

yes but you could get the nimbus now then when you want to upgrade to cf base you can order the kh cover

Well I just put my viscount saddle on my 24", and I LOVE IT… But THERES NO HANDLE!!! :angry: :angry: :astonished: :angry: :angry:

Im thinking about buying a nimbus saddle for my 20", but im not sure what to do with my 24" :frowning:

Ps. My 24" is for Muni and my 20" is for trials/street

i think somewhere ive seen a a viscount saddle with a handle. im not sure though. i think it was on PDC’s orange summit unicycle.

anyway… whats the point of taking off the cover off anyway? the foam is already cut down. and if your going to upgrade to a CF base than youll probably have the money to get a new KH Fusion street cover. the cover will fit the nimbus foam.

id go with the cheaper nimbus…