Buying first Trials Unicycle

Hi guys I’m new to this forum and could do with your advice. I’m looking to buy a trials unicycle but don’t have a clue where to start.

I have a cheap unicycle which I have been riding for a while but now I want to get into Trials Unicycling. I don’t know anything about the components of the unicycle.

I’m looking for something with the following;

  • 20" Wheel
  • 2.5" wide Tyre
  • Less than £200

Any recomendations on what I should get or advice on components would be great thanks :slight_smile:

either the torker dx or the nimbus /w kh moment upgrade. both very strong unicycles.

both on

You could look around on the trading post also. YOu could get a unicycle in decent condition of even better quality if you don’t need something new and shiny.(The unis mentioned above would work well too)

THIS Nimbus are very good unicycles at a low price. And now they’re available in LOOADS of colours!

If you will strech to £210, you can buy a koxx devil from THIS
These are very good unicycles, and have stronger cranks and a drilled rim unlike the nimbus. (i also think they come with Pit fighter II seatposts now, one of the strongest posts you can get)

However, i wouldn’t reccomend THIS even though it is cheap. It doesnt have a proper 19" trials rim.

@Dschmitt, this guy is English and we don’t have torker DX’s here :slight_smile:

20 vs 19

It’s a little confusing. I think it started when mod 20 trials bikes started to run fatter 19 " tires in 20 inch bike frames.

Anyway, even though it is called a KH 20, it won’t fit a 20 " bike tire. I really think it would help if they called it a KH 19, but that’s not how it is done now.

For trials, uni riders use a special 19 " trials tire, that fits a tougher rim of a different size, than used on 20" bikes or regular unis, like an lx20.

I’ve had a quick look but I’m finding it hard to find something local. Especially when is based right near me :slight_smile:

As for the Koxx devil, I’d be willing to stretch but I don’t want to get something too heavey. (I do understand that it needs to be strong though)

If you haven’t you might be able to go down to udc and try some of the recommended stuff out. I might be wrong but I think that you would be able to go down and try some trials unis.

the k1 devil is the lightest uni u can get for 210£

Hmm the Koxx Devil looks good to me. I might go down to the store after my exams are finished and over and done with. Untill then is there any suggestions on unis that could rival the Devil?