Buying Cranks...???


 I am buying some new cranks for my uni just to get around on the street.  I am buying 125mm.  Are there other places to buy cranks other than  I plan on buying a Torker LX uni later on...are cranks interchangeable so I can buy the Torker ones now and swap'em later?  Also, are there certain tools I need to swap cranks?  Lastly, I think I have cotterless cranks, but am not sure.  I attached a couple of pics of my cranks.  Can anyone tell me what kind I have?  Thanks for anwering all my questions...I don't know what I would do without you guys!

-Matt :slight_smile:

Yeah you can swap em but don’t get the lx it’s a peice of shit. I only had mine for four months and if you do get the lx chang cranks and pedals they broke on mine and I tocoed my rim from on measly 4 foot drop from a.

Those are cotterless cranks also known as square taper cranks. You can swap cranks as often as you like. You will need a 14mm wrench to remove the nut holding the crank on and you will need a crank puller to remove the crank


LX’s are great. you shouldn’t jump off of anything with them, but that’s kindf obvious becuase it’s a starter freestyle/flatland uni.

no it dose what it is ment for it was not built to do 4 foot drops

Where do you live??

why do you want to buy from somewhere else

pretty much any bike shop should be able to help you.

I’d say just order from Udc. A bike shop doesn’t usually have short cranks like under 175mm. They can order some for you, but they’ll overcharge you way too much. I wanted some 150mm cranks for my old uni, and they wanted like 40$ for them when udc has them for like 12$.

In addition to not having short cranks, most bike shops won’t have right-side cranks without chainring spiders on them.

Is this true? I thought on cotterless that removing and reinstalling cranks removed a little metal or otherwise hurt the axle, and should therefore be kept to a minimum.

P.S. I think splined cranks are easier to change, no crank puller.

yeah every time you remoev cranks and put them back on you wear down the metal a bit.