Buying a unicycle in Denmark

Is UDC Denmark the only place to buy a unicycle in Denmark?

No, it looks like there is a few other (web-)shops. Although it looks like some of those are managed by the same couple of people. - Some ordinary bicycleshops and -webshops also sell unicycles.

But why? Are you moving to (or visiting) Denmark? If you are, then we should go for a ride together :slight_smile:

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Hi Sanne,

Yes, I’m starting to plan a trip to Denmark and would love to ride with you if you’re free when I’m there. I’ll send you a PM. :slight_smile:

I’ve taken my 24" on a couple of trips to cities here in the US with no problems but I’m not so sure whether I should try bringing it with me on an international flight. I’m only allowed one free checked bag. Additional ones cost $100. I might be able to get it all into one bag but I’m not sure.

I’m just starting to figure out what my options are.

Here’s what I’m thinking.

  1. Bring my beginner 24" and if anything happens to it I won’t be too upset.
  2. Buy an inexpensive 24" from UDC Denmark or a bike shop if they carry them. The easiest would be to buy one from a shop in Copenhagen but I’m not sure I’ll find one.

We haven’t started planning what we’ll be doing there yet but thought that since it’s known as a great place to cycle it might be fun to ride a unicycle. Or maybe that’s not such a great idea. Hopefully bicyclists don’t mind people who ride one wheel.


Or you could borrow a unicycle from me. Do you ride other sizes than 24"?

That will probably depend on where you are riding. The bicycle traffic in inner Copenhagen is immense and some people are simply riding with their head under the arm. On the other hand there is a lot of bicycle lanes around in the countryside where it should be no problem.

Looking forward to hear from you,
best regards,

I reckon you’ve been riding for a while. I just started. Today after 2 weeks I managed 30 metres on the parking lot on a 20inch. I reckon the learning will go faster now. Anyways do yous know any more Danish unicyclists (no kids) who preferably live more to the west, as I live near Århus? :slight_smile:

Hi Setonix

Welcome to the forum and unicycling. Sounds like you’ve made good progress. I hope you can find others to ride with. I’ve been searching the internet for information on unicycling in Denmark but it’s difficult since I don’t know Danish. I did figure out that unicycle is “ethjul cykel”. :smiley:

I see that there’s an annual event in Copenhagen where unicyclists ride up Rundetårn. Too bad I won’t be there at that time. Looks like great fun.

I don’t think I’ll make it to Århus. :frowning: There’s so much to see and so little time. We’ll be in Copenhagen and Ærø. Hopefully on a unicycle.

Keep it up!

Hi Vertigo,

you’re getting there with Danish I see. Personally I am a foreigner here too, but I’ve lived here for over 7 years now. Unfortunately I don’t yet know any other unicylists around where I live. While practicing on the parking lot at the fitness center, I did get an audience. That was fun, but before I can seriously ride at Rundetårn, I need to be able to cycle at least a few kilometres, I reckon. My record now is 76 metres, but I’m mostly focusing on technique now, like sitting in the saddle instead of doing everything with my legs, which is quite exhausting.
Have a good trip to Denmark when you get there.

Brought my unicycle

I figure the easiest thing to do was to bring a unicycle. I bought a cheap 26" Torker LX here on Craig’s List and changed out the cranks. I have a special box I made for at 24" wheel and was able to reuse that one.

Riding in Copenhagen and Ærø was a blast.

I was going to post some photos here but it looks like that’s not possible :frowning: