Buy SixSixOne knee & elbow pads in San Antonio, TX?

I would like to find some SixSixOne knee & elbow pads locally. Thanks
in advance.

Valencia Sport Group lists:

Britton’s Bicycle Shop
4230 Thousand Oaks
San Antonio, TX 78217
PHONE : (210) 656-1655

as one of their dealers. They make or distribute sixsixone products.

Also your LBS should be able to get them through Quality Bike Parts, a wholesale distributor.

Where is San Antonio
Do you uni?
Always looking for new people in the area


Re: Buy SixSixOne knee & elbow pads in San Antonio, TX?


Scott Stephens <> wrote in message news:<>…

> Where is San Antonio

I just realized the “is” is “in”.

> Do you uni?
> Muni?

No, but I can juggle three balls. (A take off from “Little Big Man”).

It is for inline skating. Just now finally getting around to trying
some stuff. Just ordered a cheap 16" wheel+fork. Might try a hobby
horse situation with my skates out in front, sitting with the seat
almost on the wheel. For coasting. As light as possible and using the
skates for propulsion. Might try other things later.

I downloaded and watched that ~3.5 MB video of unicycling bloopers
while attempting stunts. Ouch.

Thanks for the offer.

C ya.