buy my unicycle on ebay

I put my unicycle for sale on ebay today. I upgraded to a splined wheelset and don’t need this one anymore. Its in good condition. C’mon somebody help a poor college student who has already spent way to much money on unicycles. (As if everyone here hadn’t already done the same :wink:

Here’s the link:

Happy bidding … or something.

All you guys looking for a Trials uni, this is the perfect uni for getting into Trials. If I didnt already have one just like it I would get it.


I saw this like the day after I ordered my United trials uni. I can’t believe it.

Hey I saw that!

I am considering buying your uni! I saw it a couple days ago before reading your post. I have a few questions though.

What kind of cranks should I replace the bent ones with?

What is the reserve? (if you don’t mind telling me, which I would definately understand)

Also, I hear suzue hubs are pretty awful, what do you think about them?

And finally, did your miyata seat come with that odd black handle, or is that an upgrade, and if so do you still have the “origonal” handle, and if you have that, does that come with this uniycle?


Re: Hey I saw that!

The Bicycle Euro cranks are pretty strong and will last you a while. I only bent them doing 3.5 - 4 foot drops repeatedly. I’ve heard the Monty cranks are pretty strong, but some people have had problems with them coming loose. You could try the Doteks. I haven’t heard much about those though. Definately don’t get Lascos. They WILL break.


The reserve is $150. I paid $310 for it and its still in very good condition minus the cranks/pedals. Like I said, its only 6 months old.


I think the Suzue hub is excellent for the price. Compare $25 to $121 for the KH or $209 for the Profile. No hub is going to last forever if you’re hard on it. That’s why Profile has a guarantee on their hub, because even those can break. Do Suzue hubs break and twist? Of course. Will it last you a while? Depends on how fast you progress. Like I said 6 months of pretty heavy riding and my hub’s still fine. The reason I move up to a splined crankset was to avoid having to continuously buy new cranks. Not specifically because of the hub. More of a side effect of it.


No, it didn’t come with that handle. I bought it seperatly (well still from, but it didn’t come with the seat. I still have the original handle and yes it comes with the unicycle. I didn’t use it for more than a day or two, so its it excellent condition. Though I would say that’s the worst part of the unicycle.


you’re welcome

as far as the Suz. Hub goes Awful really isnt the word to discribe it.

It takes alot to bend one of thoes suckers. I did bend mine (only about a degree or 2) after doing alot of stuff I shouldnt have, basically after I made the decision to get profiles I got rediculous in doing drops that I shouldnt have Yes I bent my cranks to a position that was nearly unridable.

If you do tons of 4 foot drops hard to the flat then you might bend it. But if your doing stuff like that your going to go through cranks like butter.

I reccomended Nick to the Bicycle Euro 125mm cranks and Dylan Wallinger reccomended them to me, they have gone through alot and only after some serious drops did we bend these. They are a bit shorter than other trials cranks but this didnt stop me really from doing alot of the bigger trials moves, and it certainlly didnt stop Dylan.


I wonder if this thing is going to get sniped like Adams Uni did last earlier in the year…

I’ll be watching when this one closes for sure. :stuck_out_tongue: wait no I wont its Friday Night I’m going for a ride :sunglasses:


Too bad I’ll be at work. I wanted to be able to watch this one until the end. I’m guessing someone will try to sneak a bid in. looks around suspiciously

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