Busy Riding - Street Vid

Hi guys !

I just finished my first vid, with a big help from Kapoute.

I don’t have a lot to say about it, except that I hope you’ll enjoy it, as much as I enjoyed doing it. Maybe a bit too much body twist, and not enough trials, but I’ll do another one before the end of the year 2007.

Here’s the link : Busy Riding

All comments are appreciated !


P.S. I’d like to thank a lot Kapoute, for all his support and motivation, and also Shaun J., you will understand when you will see it :wink:

that was realy good well done

That was really good. You improved alot over the vid

How long have you been riding?

i like how u put the crashes in there…they are funny…

Love the video man some great stuff in there! Keep up the good work!

I began seriously last summer, when I got my Bedford.

Thanks guys for the comments, I love reading them :slight_smile:


EDIT : I forgot to say, the 42 cm gap was just a joke, I’m pretty sure I could do more;)

you have some really nice jumps, i can only jump about a 3 step im more flatland street.

Yeah, I just love rolling hop, they feel so smooth. I’ve tried flatland (Well the type of flatland you do, flip tricks right ?) and I suck at it ! I can’t manage to land a crankflip, even after hours and hours of pratictice, so I really respect you for what you’re doing.

Oh and I must add, this isn’t really representative (Is this really a word :thinking: ) of my style, I’m more into big street and grinds. I think my next movie will look more like me.


Does the Blind and gap thing was funny…I though it was…

Anyways, thank you for your comments, I’ll just keep riding and getting better. I’ll also try to release the more videos as possible, to see my evolution over months and years, and also, I’d loved that someone do a Best of Me (But to do so, I’ll need to be good).

See you at my next movie !


i like your style, its new, fresh, different…

Really nice! I liked watching your crashes and stuff. Your pretty good!

No way! 360 tire grab! That was my trick… haha cool.

Great song too.

dag yo, that was shweet, better than exspected

Nice hat. Nice vid too. Looks way too cold there as well

That was really good. I liked the 360 back tiregrab down the stairs. That drop looked huge.

nice vid , it doesn’t look busy:D


wow youve gotten really good in like 7 months! Very nice :sunglasses:

you have long hair:p

yep definetly liked that, some good, original and big stuff in there so all good well done mate, 360 tire grab was quality

I’m happy you watched my vid ! And I have to confess, I love your style too ! Thank you Justin !

Yeah here it snows the whole year !!! :wink: No but yesterday we got 15 cm and my mom said that once, there’s been a big snow fall on may 2nd !!!

Thank you, too Spencer. That drop wasn’t as huge as it seems, just like 8 ft I think…

Yeah I know :frowning: But I’ll cut it on June 10th, there’s an event here to help raise money for cancer !

Well thank you for all your comments, they’re very appreciatedaa, and help me keep practicing !


Awesome Video, Great riding and just overall enjoyable to watch.