Busking today and all for the nxt 2 weeks

I’d keep at it for another week and get both:)

well theres lots of organisation, i get tired, is a 1 hr trip, have to pay for petrol, the permit, carparking and im just a beginner andi love the nimbus trials :slight_smile:
an what exactly does a crabon fibre base do?

It’s stronger/much more rigid than standard plastic seatbases.

Youre gonna get the money you need pretty easily, and earlier than you were expecting, but dont stop there, keep going for the rest of the days you have planned. Extra cash is always nice to have.

sure is and just incase something happens i have extra money.

money pics

heres some pics of my money (AUS) ive provided a pic that will help you if your no familiar with AUS money, the nimbus trials with moments is 498$ including postage (AUS).

the first biggest round gold coin is 1$ (the one above is $2 but dontworry about tha now). next to the 1$ is 2 50cent = $1 . then theres 5 20 cent coins = $1 . next there is 10 10cent coins = $1 . then last of all there are 20 5cent coins = $1.

Day 1 & 2 busking money ($150)

Allmoney ($240-$250) purple note=$5 blue note=$10 red notes=$20

Great job. How often do you drop while juggling 3?

edit: wow aussi dollars look similar to Canadian… all plasticky with windows.

It must feel very satisfying sitting there just looking at that lovely pile of money :stuck_out_tongue:

talke abotu it sure is its great!

Like someone else said… do you just ride around and juggle, or actually try to entertain and get involved with the crowd?

xtremely good question.
sometimes it varies well lets see if i had to anwer id say…

2-5 drops every 15 minutes


1 drop every 8-10 mins

it really varies

oh rite soz, well i just ride around and sometimes idle while juggling. they just watch and find it great so they put money in and i say thanks. i dotn really get them like “IN” the performance kind of thing.

i can upload a vid of me buskin if anoyone wants me too…?
its from last year of me just idiling, backwards riding, normal riding, little hops and thatsbout it. its in the morning so theres not many ppl in the backround but im pretty sure i made like $15 in half hour then.:slight_smile:

Sure let’s see it. Hopefully, we can hear you well enough to get an idea of how you get ppl to give money; in Venice Beach and other areas I’ve seen street performing, how well you work the crowd with your “spiel” is usually the diiference between an ok day and a HUGE payday!

I’ve seen mediocre performers who have an amazing rapport with the crowd and make tons of cash, and then I’ve seen amazing, extremely talented performers with zero charisma or connection to the crowd who make next to nothing; ppl watch and applaud like mad and all that, but then leave when he starts asking for money! It also helps a lot to have a good sense of humor and use that humor in your spiel.

Ah interesting, I can juggle 5 and 4 and 3 with tricks (lots of 3 and 4 tricks) but even though I think my three ball tricks are very advanced, I still drop at least 3 or 4 times a minute. Keep makin the dough!

alrite buy it may take a day to upload to youtube…i mite put it on vimeo too.

That is a lot of change! When it gets a little full do you empty it so people are more inclined to donate?

another very good question.
yes i do but i leave a little bit in there usually gold coins and some 50c cos weve had soem tips fromt the council like the most popular places and another ti was that if you leave like gold coins in they might put in a gold coin too.
on the topic of this with all that spare change i just exchange at a bank.

this guy gets the crowd envolved…

He uses humor which gets the crownd loose and laughing, but notice how TONS of ppl in the back run like crazy when he dismounts and says, “here’s my hat…” Well, to be fair, there will always be those who leave when it somes time for the performer to ask for money, but the great ones have 'em lining up to give bucks.