Busking today and all for the nxt 2 weeks

I’m busking (making money by riding my unicycle)
Im busking on
16th April
18th April
20th April
23rd April
26th April

I’m saving up for a Nimbus Trials ISIS 20" which is 340$ (AUS) + $27.50 postage = 367$ + KH moments $130 = $497. and maybe kh leg armour depends on how much money i make so 497$ + $110 =607$ all AUS money.
Ive already got about 100$
Mums puting 200$ towards it
thats 300$…
I want to make 40$ out of the 5 days so thats 200$ + 300= 500$= enuff for the unicycle + moments.
If i make 50$ a day thats 550$ all up.
If i make 60$ per day thats 600$ all up so bout enuff for uni, moments and leg armour.

Ill be riding my giraffe and riding backwards, doing a bunnyhops, idiling and a bit of 1 foot. I also juggle on it. I usually make 70$ but thats usually if i busk for 2-3 hrs for one day but since im busking 5 day si reckon for some reason i mite get less but im pretty sure ill make 40$ minimum.

Ill let you know how much i make each day for the nxt week :smiley:

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you can make 70 bucks in 2-3 hours? Wow I need to do this

So how does busking exactly work, and how might I profit from it? lol

Basically you find a good spot near lots of people and you just do tricks and stuff and heckle the crowd that ensues for money.

Just be careful check your local laws about busking. In some areas busking is considered to be the same as panhandling which is often illegal. Other times you may be required to have a license from the city which may or may not be easy to get or affordable. In some cities the fines and the cost of the license can be so prohibiting that it basically drives away any buskers.

Chicago people need a $100 permit for outside and a $50 for the subways to busk. :frowning:

Its worth it though. My friend made a living statue costume and performed downtown and made $700 over 4 days.

Day 1: Busking in Adelaide

Today was tiring and i had to work fairly hard and there was alot of competition cos there was like 7 buskers not including me and theres usually bout 3, probably cos its school holidays. i made 58$ bucks today which is 17 more than my goal. I got no notes today but i still made enough. I found out that i get more money by juggling on the uni while riding (i idled and juggled which i dont do much cos im not good at it but today i was :smiley: ). At the end when i was tired, i just juggle 3 balls in a popular spot and did mills, windmill, shower, half shower, 3 ball throwup start, under the leg, under arm, low juggling and columns, i did that for bout 20 mins and made about 5$ :smiley: .So yer im happy that i made 58$ so tommorw i need to make a minimum of $22 :smiley: but i will still try to make 40$ so i dont go behind. At first for like 45 mins or 1 hr i made 13$ and i thought, oh crap…im not gonna be able to make enuff money but then i found a good spot and i got lots :smiley:

MADE- - - - - - – - - - – - - - – - - - – - - - - 58 dollars 58 __–_---------- - - - – - - - - - – -

Yer i can make 70 bucks in 2-3 hrs but it really depends how much competition there is and the people that walk by.
It only costs me $2.50 for a permit and not $100
I saw a statue guy today and if you put money in he would juggle 5 balls or something then he would go back to being a statue.
Theres also a guy on his bmx that duz stunts and gets heepsa money, probably 100-300$, anywhere between there.

remember it is Australian dollars but 70 bucks is still heeps good, well for me…

and i was pretty amazed to once get a 50$ note from 1 guy and he said “happy birthday” and walked off lol. i think that was the day that i made 100$

Good job man. Youll have your uni in no time.

thanks :slight_smile:

Any idea on how much a diaboloist or unicyclist would make or if there’s an age law? :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL he made more than that I think idk more like a grand wasn’t it


Its not a bad way to earn money just find a good spot where lots of people will see you. make sure you can keep the crowd entertained and I would think you would make alot on a unicycle.
seriously anyone can do it.
It might get tiring though

I see you’re only 13 aren’t there any age restrictions for you to do this, and do you need a parent or guardian with you at all? Anyway that’s good money congrats! Many years ago I performed on the Venice Beach boardwalk as a ventriloquist. I had a mic and a whole set up with lots of variety going on, like taking ppl out of the crowd and making them “talk”. Think on a good day (about 4-5 hours) I made maybe $150.

I dont think theres a limit on the age my freind got a licence when he was 17 I think. look onlineHe did it during the taste of chicago.

My freind/and surfers friend was very popular he even made the suntimes in a color photo. but I would expect that a unicyclist would be pretty popular as well.

Good luck with the project.

One thing I have noticed with unicycle performers is that they sometimes confuse the difficulty of an action with the appearance of difficulty. I’ve seen people ride in circles and never thought anything about it until I started learning to ride and found that wasn’t easy (for me, at least) to do. Riding an Ultimate Wheel may be hard, but it just doesn’t look hard. Hopping doesn’t look too hard. Dragging the seat doesn’t look hard. Juggling does. Riding a giraffe looks hard. Keep in mind what non-riders think of it.

Unicycles may seem pretty amazing to non unicyclists but ive seen some buskeres make more than me like this band that played digeredoos and banjos BUT there was 4 people so they would divide that which means i wood probably make more. there is 1 guy on a bike and duz stunts as i mentioned before he gets 100-300$

And about the age thing well
now that im 13 (i was 12 like a week ago) i can go busking bymyself but i dont cos its too difficult to get down there (its not like im gonna walk to adelaide from here because its a 1 hr drive.)I prefer to bring my parents anyway cos there helpful and u never know what can happen down in a capital city. theres some weird people, emo’s and gothics (i saw them having a party with party hats and had half eaten cake on the ground, man there weird…), gangsters (1 gangster on a bike did a massive jump over my busking hat where ppl put money in :o ).Since i am a kid, i reckon people give me lots of money. (especially young teenage girls, 1 girl put like 20c in and she said to her frend, i dont want too look like a stinge! so she put more money in :slight_smile: )

20 hours from now and im on day 2!

There was a guy in Venice beach years ago that became pretty famous as a street performer; he juggled a bowling ball, an watermelon and a chain saw…gas powered and running at full speed!

He appeared on Johnny Carson’s tonight show in the mid to late 80’s and bragged about the all the money he made…the IRS were apparently watching that night. Slapped him with back taxes he failed to report/pay, and huge penalties. Since then, he kinda disappeared from the public arena.

Day 2: woot 10/10 lots of money =]

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Activity- unicycling on giraffe while juggling and 40-60 mins of juggling
Time busking- 3-4 hours
Money Made- 92$ !!!:smiley: !!!1:D !!!:smiley: !!!
Crowd- LOTS
Competition- not as much as yesterday so an average amount of other buskers:D :smiley:

day 1 i made 58, today i made 92$ so thats $150 and i aimed to make only 200$ out of the 5 days so ive worked out that i only need to make 50$ in the next 3 days (which will be so easy and ill get more than 200$:D ) which is 16.65$ per day :smiley: so i can be assured that i will have a nimbus trials ISIS WITH MOMENTS!!!

anyway i got lots of postive comments and there was lots of people and not as much competition as yesterday. there was a 10 year old girl that was watching for like 10-15 minutes lol. there was also a little asian girl that was like half def and kept saying “wha” (what) and she kinda kept running in my way but not for long.


This is a really cool writeup, its great to see that you can make some money doing this. Kinda makes me wish I had a giraffe and some better juggling skills.

Do you have to heckle the crowd much or do you just do your thing?

Good luck with your next days, maybe you can even afford a full KH or a CF base!