BUSA Cycling Championships

Just curious is anyone else compeating the the brittish university cycling event next weekend (26-28th march)?

i am enetring both the XC and the DH on my unicycle. really looking forward to it.


BUSA Champs

Am entering the champs XC, but on a more conventional mountain bike, have you ridden the champs before? On the downhill make sure your not placed a few places before one of the top riders, or expect to get sworn at. :astonished: !
I don’t know though, you may have mastered the 30mph off-road glide.

Will keep my eye out for you at the event.

Good luck!

Simon C

they are trying to fit me in in a conveinient place in the DH. going to talk about it to them on the day.

what uni you from?
are you taking your unicycle?fancy meeting up there?
i am in the champs too, you shouldnt miss me on the coker!no not ridden before in the BUSA but it sounds good.
was in the Red Bull last year though and had no troubles riding


ps do you know anything about the course?