Burning Man

Andybody going to Burning Man this year. Are you bringing your unicycle? I’ll be cokering all over the Playa. I bumped into a bunch of unicyclists last year, so I know you’re out there!

Hey, I’m going to Burning Man this year (2005). Anyone else?

I might, if I do go, I’ll be the naked guy on the Bedford Muni… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going in 2007

I’m going again this year. Nothing like cokering around the Playa. I always see lots of unicyclists there, but I don’t think anybody from here.

My friend and I built a 24’ diameter 15’ tall geodesic dome that we put 3-4 hammocks in.

I’f anyone from here is going, I’d love to meet up with you. Also, if anyone needs a group to camp with, I wouldn’t mind having more people, especially unicyclists (right now, I only have 2-5 people…and it’s a big dome).

As a side note, the only time I’ve ever seen another person riding a coker that I didn’t already plan to meet up with was at burning man.

Speaking of cokers and BM, I’ve also seen a custom bike there with coker wheels, and a “horseless chariot” built out of a Segway with coker wheels.

I’m not a nudist, but how can you say no to: World Naked Bike Ride - BRC Chapter

I’m thinking about going; if i do go, i’ll for sure bring my uni’s, and i’d totally be down for camping w/you guys.

That would be awesome!