bunny hops

i am in the intermediate level as far as unicycling. for some reason i could never do the bunny hops where you do a whole bunch of them at one time so that you can stay in one place. a few days ago i learned how! i have been learning a whole bunch of new things recently! right now i am trying to learn to idle and i am almost there!

How’s that intermediate?

Yea sorry buddy, but I wouldn’t consider that intermediate. But good job anyway.

umm, beginner riders are beginners…meaning they just learned to ride. Intermediate means your taking it to the next level so I’d say he’s just entered intermediate.

Yes, he’s learning beginner tricks but that doesn’t make him a beginner, tricks is taking it to the new level.

I don’t know about that. I would consider my self a beginner, and I’ve been able to hop in place for a while now. Trials wise I don’t think I’ll become an intermediate rider until I can hit a 27" high jump and 6’ long jump.

And you spelled scared wrong, I don’t know how we could give him a scar. We can figure out a way.

thats not intermediate by any means, that good.
there are many states in the US where the best riders are at or below that level.

Who cares. the guy is just trying to say he can ride well. For all you know he’s really good at freestyle. Not everyone is a trials/street/flatland/muni rider.

You can’t be a good freestyle rider if you can’t hop or idle. But this thread has got off topic enough lol. It should be in the brag thread anyway.

Awesome job, man! Keep it up. It took me a little while to get idling down, but keep practicing and you’ll get it.

Those aren’t even tricks. I would define what he’s learning as “basic skills” required for pretty much any style of riding. If he keeps it up and really starts riding seriously then who knows what he’ll end up doing… 130cm highjump? 1080 unispin on flat? Sej triple donkeykick? Trey seatwhip air? :astonished:

Plus vanpaun’s ranking system is messed up. Sorta like Starbucks drink sizes…his system is the equivalent of:

Large, grande, extra large, doubletall, gallon bucket, vat, pond, lake, ocean, KrisHolm(human).

when i said intermediate i just ment i could ride good and do a few other things. i did not expect for everyone to go all crazy about it :thinking: .

Don’t mind them, they overreact a lot. You’ll get used to it.

Good job though, and keep practicing.

Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Pro

I’d put you at about mid-pack novice


Thats fantastic as long as you include intermediate(the subject of all this) in between beginner and advanced!

Great work! You’ve come a long way.

Something you might work on is slowing down those hops. This will help you in several ways:

  • It will help you conserve energy... you won't get as tired staying in one place when you hop slowly
  • It will help your balance... the slower you hop, the more you will have to work to balance in place, which leads to...
  • It will help your riding... as your balance improves, so will your riding, especially when riding slowly, or on / over small obstacles.

Keep it up! Let us know how you improve over time… we love hearing about new riders… well most of us do. Don’t worry about the kids that talk smack here, they’re harmless.


i have almost learned to idle. but i am going to wait until summer is over because i am learningin my garage and it gets way to hot. i will probably practice at the park though.