Bumper Problems

I recently bought a 20" (Juggleart in Melbourne) uni in good condition off ebay and the seat has metal bumpers that bolt on to the underside of the seat. The problem is they don’t stick out far enough so the corners of my seat are getting ripped up pretty badly since i’m only learning. My dad’s an ex boilermaker so he’s a bit of a welding/metalworking wizz and thinks he can fix something up for me. Before he goes and does anything does anyone else have any ideas about what to do or has anyone had this problem before?
Thanks alot.


Re: Bumper Problems

You don’t want those metal bumpers; they don’t really protect the seat, and once you’ve been riding for a while they’ll start to develop burrs that will slash your legs.

Unfortunately, there’s not much to be done other than replacing the saddle with one designed by unicyclists.

I put a couple of layers of duct tape around the handle and back bumper when I was learning, and that helped a bit, although it left some residue which went away after a while.