Building my first Freewheel Uni

Okay, so I have seen all the videos of freewheel unicycles on YouTube over the years and I’ve had dreams where I’m riding my BC wheel indefinitely. I wanted to build a freewheel unicycle before but didn’t know where to start, so that plan was put on hold.

Now that I have the time, information, and resources to resume that ambition, I’m going to build my first freewheel uni. This is the video that inspired me (among many others):

I have built a custom unicycle before. This would be my third build but my first time in which I have to rebuild the wheel (hub & spokes). I found the hub I need thanks to UniMyra on YT. For the unicycle, I am using a 24" Torker I purchased from a friend. What I plan to do is disassemble that wheel and rebuild it with the Nimbus Drift Trike Disc Cotterless Hub from UDC. I also want to add a disc brake but I’m not sure which one to get. I want to keep the cost down to a minimum so if anyone can make a recommendation on a cheap but quality disc brake that would work for this application, that would be much appreciated.

I use a Shimano BR m396 with a 180mm rotor. I’m assuming the Torker you are using is a Torker DX, because the LX and CX have a 92mm bearing pitch which is too narrow for the hub. I have still had problems with a Torker DX frame because the bearing housings are too thick, and they catch the spokes on the non-disc side so be prepared to have to file those down a bit. Lastly, if you are using a D’brake Mount you might want to make a strut so it doesn’t vibrate.

If you are on FB join the Freewheel group:

More complex than I thought it would be…

Yeah… I just found out today that my Torker LX bearing pitch is too narrow! I’m probably going to buy a 24" Nimbus frame from UDC if I can’t find another affordable solution. I’m discovering how difficult this build is since I’m trying to find my rim’s ERD and determine the right spokes I need to get. This is turning out to be more complex and expensive than I expected but I’m confident I can build the wheel once I get the right measurements and components.

I purchased a cheap Tektro hydrolic disc brake from Amazon and the mounts I need from UDC (D’brake). Not sure what you mean by making a strut…any example you can show? I’ll check out the FB group once I’m reactivated :wink:

Did you lace your own wheel or had someone do it for you?
I’m trying to keep this freewheel a 24"… do you think there is any difference in ease of learning with a 20" instead? How about suggested crank size? I can ride a BC just fine so hopefully this will be a smooth transition. Anxious to be riding!

joejumpsforfun, so for the strut, I still haven’t figured out how to add an image, but there are some photos in the “adventures in freewheeling” thread to check out. There’s also plenty of photos on the Facebook group. It’s basically a metal rod that is used to stop the extension of the D’brake from shuddering when the brake is applied.

I learned on an F24 with a race wheelset, so your setup is fine. Probably a slight advantage to learn on a 20” but not worth the trouble. I laced the wheel on my own, and it’s really satisfying. I used this video as it was my first time. For crank size I’d go for 102 on your 24” because the hubs don’t have high engagement so shorter cranks negate that.


Thank you so much AJ KJ! This is very encouraging!! Now if only I can find a frame since mine is a no go… well, off to the Trading Post!

Unicycle dot com screwed up

I was excited to receive the d-brake kit and Nimbus Disc Trike hub from UDC today. Unfortunately they gave me the wrong hub–the one without a disc plate attachment. REALLY!? Come on, UDC! I order the d-brake kit and a disc-compatible hub but you send me a hub that is incompatible with disc brakes!? Now I have to send that back and wait for another one. Funny and frustrating.