Building a true, 700c road uni

And my nimby 26er Oregon is a lot closer in size to a 29er! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice looking wheel and tyre combination.

Thanks, I’m very happy with it! Here’s the wheel build video and first hill climb tests.

Hmm, the video is not embedding as usual. Doing everything the same as ever.

Terry, wondering if you are still happy with this build. Do you still use it much? Anything you would change? Could this same wheel be built to use a hub mounted disc brake to fit into my KH29 frame?

I love it and ride it at least twice per week, between MUni and 36er rides. It had been gathering dust since getting my G26er, and had really become irrelevant as a regular 29er.

But the 700c wheelbuild totally transformed it into the perfect road climber! It also reduced the weight to well under 12lbs. But with the narrow Velocity Dyad rim (24mm) I had to use my set of Scott Wallis brake adapters so my maggies would be able to reach in close enough to the rim. And the maggies work beautifully! Smooth as silk with precision control and amazing stopping power. Yes, you could run a disc brake with it as well, but if I were to go that route, I’d use the KH system; otherwise, I’d have to rebuild the wheel again with a disc brake specific hub.

Good to know Terry. Kind of related to this post: 29" or 36" for mild commuting???

…but I am trying to decide between two routes. 1) Get an Oracle 36 for my 7mile each way commute, or build up a light 29 wheel like yours. My KH29’s wheel is irritatingly heavy and wide for a 14 mile a day road/sidewalk commute. I’ve tried Big Apple tires, but they pop off the wide rim. I’ve heard they pop off the xcountry KH rim too.

I don’t have immense hills to climb, just a few shortish steep ones. I have a few miles of easy straights, but then a few intersections, with some hairy sidewalk turns and a few dismounts necessary along the way. Do you have any input on how your light road 29 would compare against a nice 36 for this kind of commute?

A 14 mile city commute is ideal 29er country. If not a lot of steep climbing, you could use 125’s or 137’s and spin your way there with great efficiency and decent speed. A 36er would be fine as well, but you will have much more pinpoint control on the much lighter and nimble 29er, especially if you need to stop fast or make quick maneuvers. The big apple and hookworm are decent tires, but compared to my setup, they are HEAVY AS HELL! :slight_smile: Besides, if your main purpose is road riding, then you want a narrow road specific tire and rim.

That’s what I am thinking. Seems to me the 36 would be a bit awkward for some of the quick turns I have to do. Once in a while I also have to move over for bikers coming up behind me on sidewalks. Today, I moved over on the grass, but didn’t have much room to move. Seems like a 36 would be a bit sketchy for this kind of stuff.

Terry, do you think the diad rim width you used can handle small jumps off curbs without getting out-of-true? I see you use yours for uphill training, but do you think the width you used would suffice for my commuting, pot holes, a few small curbs etc.?

The rim is pretty strong and I’ve also used it offroad with a Continental Race King tire, which works well for xc-type MUni. But the resist nomad tire I use is a high psi tire, so if you do drop off curbs and ride over pot holes, you will feel it as there is little shock absorption. The race king is meant to be run at lower psi, and it’s wider as well so it would take the bumps and little drops much better. It’s also very light so it could also be used for road riding and commuting.

what about stiffness?

For the rim? That depends on spoke tension, but mine is trued with correct tension and has stayed perfectly true after hundreds of miles and rolling over plenty of bumps in the road! :slight_smile:

Here’s the basic info:

The Velocity Dyad is a tough, no frills, 700c commuting/touring/tandem rim available in 32, 36, 40, and 48 holes in either black or silver finish, with or without machined sidewalls. At 24mm, it’s slightly wider than your typical touring rim (some people even use them on 29′er mountain bikes). The Dyad’s V-shaped cross-section makes the rim stronger and eliminates the need for eyelets. The 36-hole version laced to any decent hub makes a completely bomb-proof commuting wheel. Get the version with machined sidewalls for bump-free braking. Great stuff.

Bead seat diameter: 622
Weight: 480g
ERD = 596

Would it clear a 26in frame

Alright, so I decided I am going to build one of these up. I’d rather have more control on my commute then I think the 36er can manage. I’ll deal with the spinning on the flats.

Any advice as far as seats? I could just use my KH freeride. Is there a better option for this type of road riding?

I must say I am happy with the freeride. I never get sore on it. But I am wondering if a narrower seat with less padding would be called for for this type of riding.

The Dyad and Nomad Resist 700x45 combo will fit in a Nimbus 26 muni frame. I used my wheel in the Nimbus 26 frame for a few months before I bought a dedicated 28/29 frame. The vertical clearance is perfect and looks like it was made for it. The frame is a bit wider than it needs to be for the skinny wheel but that doesn’t affect the ride.

Too bad the brake bosses won’t line up to the rim. Yes you could set it up with a disc/Dbrake, but I prefer my maggies.

Yeah, I just want to use discs because my KH29 frame already has the discs.

Just a reminder that spoke tension doesn’t affect wheel stiffness; as long as the spokes don’t go completely slack tension doesn’t change how much they move in response to a deflecting force (that’s the “spring constant”, and it’s… constant!).

Thicker spokes, shorter spokes, and more spokes, is what makes for a stiffer spoked wheel.

could you, david or Terry, measure the outer diameter of the inflated tire please ?
i’d like to know if it will be ok in my frame
at the moment i’m using a 26x2.5 hookworm


Mine is 28.5". If you’re frame has clearance for a 26x3" then you should have no problems; if not it will be very close but may not fit.