Building a strong Muni - Part II

Well there’s talking about it, and actually doing it. I’ve gone for the latter.
Yesterday I took a trip down to DM Engineering
(<>) and had a chat with the man himself: DM. I
chose a 26" rim, since as pointed out, it would be tougher than a 700C rim. And
I can get nice wide off road tyres on it too. I chose a Clydesdale 26" 48 Hole
reinforced tandem rim, by bontrager. [ my theory: tandem rims = uni rims, two
people on two wheels = one person on one wheel ?] (27UKP = 45US$)
(<>) Anyway, the Uni will be
roughly based on DM’s ringmaster pro 24" Uni. with built in, dual bolt seat
clamp and added clearance for big tyres
:slight_smile: It’ll be chrome for durability, with a red viscount seat, and purple
spoke nipples. He wasn’t sure whether to use 3 or 4 cross for the wheel building
part. I suggested he should make 26" Unis part of his range… I guess if the
market is there, there’s nothing stopping him… so get your orders in now !
(cost of uni so far 155UKP = 248US$ + Rim price (above) ) So hopefully I’ll be
taking delivery on the first DMATU ( say <<dee-matu>>, A.K.A DM All Terrain Uni
:- he preferred this name because it sounded Japanese, we suggested ‘mudmaster’
but he said he was fed with ‘masters’) in a couple of weeks. I’ll put some pics
on my website when I get it. Some of you will be able to see it in this summer’s
Polaris event in the UK, where you’ll notice the equipment is far better quality
than the rider ! ( as is the norm with the IOU crew) Watch this space. Happy
uni-ing. Simon Greenway
PS: Apologies if you get this twice, something somewhere appears to broken with
modern technology today…
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