Building a grinding rail

I’m thinking of building a trials course. I now have 6 pallets, but I want to diversify it a bit. I want to make a grinding rail. I’m thinking of buying a scaffolding pole, drilling a hole at one end of it and just bolting it to one of the pallets. Then I could use it for grinding. I could adjust the angle by putting extra pallets under the main one. I could also use it as a skinny if put something under the other end.

Do you think this will work? Any tips?

Found some threads:

Hmm, I think I’ll just ask them to weld me one like this at a local workshop. Does anyone have any idea how much it would cost?

hey Ivan

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somtimes if a welding shop has a co-op student you can get it for free (or dirt cheap) or you should try geting a welding class at a school to build you one.

For adjustablility i would use long pins or bolts with no nuts for each end of rail.

what i use is a star picket screwed onto a piece of timber. i then made some legs for it and whala. it works great completly free if u have the materials lying around. ill post some pics

Could I just build something out of 2x4s and wax it? Or do I need to put sheetmetal on it?

sheetmetal is the way. star picket screwed on the side is better. ask if u want pics

make a box out of 2x4s and cover w/ plywood, then put angle iron on the sides
much safer than a rail too!

What’s star picket? If you got pics please post em.