Building a custom Unicycle?

Waiting for a good sale to get a new 26er. But Ive got an old bike lying around with a 26inch wheel. I’m thinking of taking the wheel off and just buying the frame, seat post, seat, cranks, and pedals from UDC. Has anyone done this? Will I be able to put cranks on the bike hub?

Is this a joke ?

Noooope. The hub on a unicycle is essentially a bicycle bottom bracket with flanges to build a wheel with. You would have to re-build the wheel with new spokes (probably a different flange size and width) which would most certainly not be worth the money.

Even still, if you put all those items you would need (assuming this would work) into the cart, you’ll notice you’re probably already over the price of a full cycle.

Building custom is not cheap!

Here you go. Knock yourself out! :smiley:

(Looks like the second link doesn’t work right. Here’s what it looks like:)

unicycle Capture.JPG

I had no idea it was so easy!
Just kidding. That sounds horrible. :astonished:

I know that this post is a few years old but just wanted to show my proof of taking a bicycle wheel and turning it into a unicycle!

I found a second hand 32 front wheel and had a old KH hub that I took the axle out of, welded it to the inside of the bicycle hub! Decided that I also wanted shorter cranks which I cut down to 105mm. Then since that wasn’t enough I made the frame from the front arm of office waiting room chair, the bend in the chair was the perfect angle for the fork of the frame.

I have since powder coated the frame candy green but now I’m in the process of changing out the hub to a isis hub so I can have a disc brake

Great job!
Clear coating would have been a pretty cool option too!

Thanks Pierrox!
And Amzoun9595 You are rite! Its not hard just takes a little knowledge and willingness to want to experiment. My first built uni looked very bad but it road straight.

Here is my temp setup with a 26 inch wheel as mock-up, need to fine tune the caliper as well. Had to take off spots of my powercoating but I can always fix that. Overall I’m happy with this upgrade, can’t wait till the new hub gets here so I can rebuild the wheel

Ummm…I have;

Extra uni crank arms, a kids 24" mountain bike (almost like new), extra uni pedals, and extra seat and post. And did learn how to braze in High School.
Almost everything!!!

Matt B, Sounds like you have a unicycle to build now!