budget sand blaster?

Regarding the recent post on powdercoating at home, I have a question about cheap sand blasters

Would a seemingly too cheap tool like this be a piece of crap?

The amount of work I would do I’m sure would only ever a uni here and there, so a better product might not justify the extra cost…but if this one would be throwing the money away…

(the balcony can get as messy as can be, so a shield or box of some sort isn’t req’d)

Had a feeling I’d see this question from you within an hour.

yep, we diffinatly need a “Sand Blaster” forum too.


Do a google on “sandblaster.”

I would at least browse some of the places that come up. This one http://www.toolsusa.com/Sandblasters/index.htm?trackcode=Google&cat=Sandblasters has stuff in all price ranges.

Thank you, Yogurt, May der Schrawrtz be with you

Had the appropriate forums been here already, I would have cross posted this in the MUni soundblasting and Trials/street sandblasting area, but alas…

Sandblasters are really simple, so even the cheap ones work fairly well for small areas. The main thing is to match the blaster to the available air volume from the compressor you will use. 12 cfm is quite a lot for a home compressor.


I’ve used my sandblaster with the small compressor I’ve got at home and find myself constantly waiting for the compressor to refill the tank. Now, when I need to sandblast anything, I take it work where we’ve got HUGE compressors:D

Brian, I usually try to sandblast objects inside a large clear plastic bag to contain most of the mess while still being able to see what you’re doing

If i recall correctly, you dont have an air compressor so that sand blaster wont do you any good. Unless you of course go out and buy one. For the recommended air volume required i’d say your looking at about $600 - $800 Canadian minimum to get it to work properly. Definetly not very cost effective for a couple of uni frames. Just my opinion though. Feel free to buy it if you want.

the club welder has an air compresser :slight_smile:

Sand Blasting…

Brian, I have used these small units. As noted above, the compressor has a very hard time keeping up.

Here in the states, most Monument Companies (the place that engraves tombstones) use a monster sized sand blaster.

Try to find a Monument Company and a$k how much to blast your tiny frame. I’ll bet it would be really cheap. Especially if you just let them blast it during their next job.

Then again, little sand blasters are a lot of fun, yet very messy.

Re: budget sand blaster?

Sand blasting at home? Work safely!!

Blasting with real sand? Not recommended. In any case, don’t inhale
the sand dust as you run a big risk of developing silicose (dust
lung), a very serious condition. Other blasting materials will be
safer but I would still not recommend inhaling the dust.

I’m serious.

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The best blasting medium that you can get is glass bead; it’s easier on the metal and leaves a cleaner surface than sand.

Get some of that if you can…I believe harbor frieght has it.