BUC14 Trials results

I noticed this posted by Paul via usenet which as the link to the forum is down won’t get displayed here. Apologies if it has!

Hi all,
BUC14 trials results can be found from the news section on the BUC14
website. Both html and PDF versions are available.

Or if you just want a quick peek.. try:


Cheers norry i was wondering where i came,
can anyone remember which line was no.8?
looks like a hard one tho, must hav been the “ride plank” line lol


WOOHOO! 10th! Im happy with that!

Rock on!

its all good cause i beat amanda :stuck_out_tongue:

lol i rock :smiley:

Wow, you guys did great (Y)

(oops, i haven’t been around this forum for months!)

I wish I’d come to BUC and entered the trials comp :(, it would’ve been interesting to see where I’d place. Meh, nonetheless, there’s always next year.

Joe (hodges) phoned me the other day about this infact and I hadn’t a clue what he was on about, until i read this

Small flaw in the trials result, there was no line 8 ;). Apparently, some people did mark it as done… (Mike, you blatant cheater :P)

I didn’t place at all for riding the see-saw!?
This is an outrage!

What do you mean, the competition was over?

like Tristan said, there was no line 8 so Mike has the same points as Lucas and Joe B has 25 points and not 26… It would be harsh to be beaten by Mike…