BUC suggestion - Concourse Competition

I’ve been thinking about this for a little while, but having just read Mikefules post, I’m actually going to suggest it. How about having a concourse competition at BUC this year? I’ve not heard about it being done at any other unicycle events, but as there’s some really nice unicycles out there I think it’d be nice for some popper recognition.

I come from a classic car background, so I’m used to the formal type competition where the cars are on show all day, polished to perfection, and judges come round and knock off points for having the wrong colour spark plug leads and stuff. I’m not going to suggest something as geeky as that, but maybe everyone that wants to enter can stick a number on their uni. Then on the back of everyone program is a voting slip that they can fill out whenever they see what the like. It should probably be split up in to different categories, such as;

  • Best paint job
  • Cleanest uni
  • Most original uni (over 3 years old only)
  • Best pimped uni
  • Best homemade custom accessory
  • Most desirable
  • Rustiest deathtrap

Could also be separated in to best trials, best muni, best tourer, etc

Anyway, I’m sure the BUC15 team have already got a lot on the go, but I just thought I’d chuck this idea out there and see what people thought.


I like it. Something that I can enter at last! :smiley:

Heeeey, waitaminute!
You’ve got a shiny Triton!
No fair!

Unless I can persude the monkeys at Monkey World to throw poop at it.
What’s best for monkey bribing?

most BUC events start coz some one has an idea and shows up with the stuff to run it. If you can cope with the first years comp being a bit vauge and haphazard then go for it. bring some stickers and a bunch of voting forms and a box to post them into in, a poster xplainng it all and just go for it.

Thanks for volunteering! You certainly have some good ideas :slight_smile:

If you can work out how it can be done, find some others to help you (as well as finding people wanting to enter-which shouldn’t be hard) and give us some detailed information as to what you would need printed etc then it should be able to work well! I like the idea of different options as well as different categories, that will make it fairer, mean we might be able to enter more than one uni, and means there are more winners! :smiley:

I think it will be good to have a competition that everyone can enter, regardless of age or skill. I don’t have the know how of how it would have to be run though, so as long as you can work that out, we can run it :slight_smile:


edit - apologies for over-use of smilies!

Beer. Lots and lots of beer. I am eas… I mean monkeys are easily bribed with Abbot Ale :smiley:


If it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve just got back from the pub, I wouldn’t be volunteering… but, hey, as you caught me at a vulnerable moment, then why not!

I’ve already got some thoughts on how it can be run (I’ll PM you later with those), but if anyone has ideas on categories and/or prizes (eg spanner for rustiest deathtrap, tin of turtle wax for best paint job etc) then that’ll help.


I love the use of pubs and beer as a persuasion tool, thanks for being intoxicated at the right moment!

It sounds like you have some good ideas for this, perhaps you can use this thread and other peoples input to work out the best plan to do this? Hopefully there are others out there who also have knowledge of this type of competition.

I also like the ida of silly prizes, will just have to work out a budget, but let me know the details of these in a PM.


This competition sounds great!

im in !!!

love brendan xx