BUC - Motivation for Unicycling!?

Motivation for Unicycling!?

I am doing some research for my PhD into what motivates people to learn to ride a unicycle and then continue with unicycling. Learning to ride a unicycle is a difficult skill to master. It is something which takes time, patience and perseverance. So what motivated you? Was it the challenge to yourself, the desire to be different from the crowd or something else?

If you’d be willing to tell me about your motivation or have an email dialogue with me about it then I’d be really grateful. If so please fill in a contact form at the BUC this weekend so I can talk to you at a later date.

At the BUC I particularly want to find out how people ‘see’ their unicycle (or unicycles) and how they describe their relationship with them. Is your unicycle important to you because of the pleasure or satisfaction you get from riding it? Are you proud of owning a unicycle – or embarrassed to admit it? Is it a ‘special’ possession of yours that has pride of place in your home, garage or shed, or is my husband (Steve Colligan) the only obsessive unicyclist in the UK?!

I’m looking for volunteers at the BUC who will:

  1. pose with their unicycle for a photo,
  2. describe how they feel about their unicycle, using the photo as a prompt.

If you’re willing to give me 10 minutes of your time that would be great! Please come and find me or look out for me over the weekend.

Wendy Bignold

i’ll do it if i come across you:)

Hi Wendy,

I’ll definitely give you an Engineer’s view, but I would be more interested if you interviewed T&D without me being present - but only if you tell me their answers :slight_smile: I would love to know their motivation.


I won’t have my own uni with me as I’m not surposed to be riding at the mo, but happy to talk.

can’t miss me - i’ll be wearing the zippy bag :smiley:

I’ll do it.

Not a chance. :smiley:

Are you sure you don’t mean unicycles :wink:

See you at BUC

Hi Wendy, I’ll do it.


I’ll do it but I’m slightly dubious that people will consciously know their motivation, although they may have a narrative about it.



Hell, there is posing AND POSING. :smiley: Loving it :smiley:

Hi Nick,

I know you’ve had your haircut really short recently, but I’m sure this isn’t you!!!:smiley:

See you tomorrow.

I knew “the” harper pic would show up sooner or later!
See you guys tomorrow.

Ride on!