BUC 2002 Hockey ( Group A)

This years BUC saw the return of a British Uni Hockey competition , rather
than last years Eurocycle and the two before being mixed up equal ability
teams. This year I played for Thames Valley in the A group ( the serious
bunch). Group A played in the morning and consisted of Horsham, Lunis,
Stockton/Billingham,Thames Valley and Stourport. The B group played in the
afternoon, a rather less serious bunch of games with some teams who had
never played in a competition before and some scratch teams.

Thames Valey had never played as a complete team before, but four of us
train with Lunis and four of us ( not the same four) played as Thames
Valley at BJC. Our line up was Paul S, Sarh M, Keith G, Barry G, Joe M and
Lucus W as sub. A group teams played against each other and placing was
deterimined on points. At the end of our final game we were uncertain if
we would be 3rd or 2nd in thetable as Lunis still had to play
Horsham. Horsham were really on form this weekend, they were easily the
best team there, and looked like the only one that had trained as a team
and knew how to play as a team from the off. Every body else was taking
too long to settle down into team play.

The Games were good hard fights for goals, I thoughly enjoyed them, pulled
off a few good saves, let in a few I shouldn’t have and had a great
mornings hockey. In the end the winners table stood
1st Horsham 12 points
2nd Thames Valley 7 points
3rd Lunis 6 points

The B group games in the afternoon some one else can report on as I was
out side playing withthe IUF obstacle course and making quidditch goals.