Broken Seatpost - Need a little advice...

I broke the seatpost on my Qu-ax trials. I did a little searching, but nothing really pointed me in the right direction. Can you guys offer some recommendations for a strong, preferable not too expensive seatpost (25.4mm).

Do I want the United CrMO?

…or should I get a railtype?

Help is appreciated.

Yup, you want that united CrMO seatpost.


You are lucky because they just got 25.4mm in stock a week or two ago, I had almost ordered one from UDC UK before they came to the US.

I broke the seatpost on my qu-ax about a month ago. But I just got it welded at school.

weld it if you can. if the welder knows what they are doing they can reinforce it making it way stronger than any stock post

I just got a united CrMO a couple of weeks ago, and the bracket at the top is all bent. The whole front half flattened right out.

From riding?

A friend of mine broke his doint a tick I told him to try so I said I would take it home and weld it for him. when I looked at the welds that had broken they were pefetic. I welded it up and its now much stronger. He then tried the same trick and broke his seat and had to order another one lol. DO NOT BUY CROME PLATED SEATPOSTS, were the are crome plated you get hydrogen enbritlement which weakens the welds making them britle and they then break.

Yes from riding, I am beginign to put my uni through alot of stress these days. But it only took a day or two of riding to bend the black United CrMO post you linked too. Its from landing a bit to far forward doing crankflips down sets. somthing that didnt happen with the alu. If they make an aluminum post that is your size I would just buy 2 or 3 of them.

Im kinda pissed right now, my CF base just came in the mail, and i dont have a straight seatpost to use to line up the holes.

I’m of the opinion that having a flexy seatbase such as the normal KH will lead to bending the plate on top of the seatpost. Although I have no definite knowledge of it, I’d assume having a stiff seat such as a CF base will strengthen that area of the seatpost. Bend the plate back and it will possibly be less likely to fail at that spot with the CF base. That is just my speculation because I’m using a stock KH saddle and when I land with weight on the front of the saddle only the front part of the plate bends and the back stays in position. This wouldn’t happen if the seat were rigid.

Wow, sorry if you couldn’t understand any of that. It felt poorly articulated.

Okay, So not being able to wait for a new seatpost, I used a pair of vice grips to bend the front of the bracket back up, got it about back to normal (this should be okay since it is not Alu, tho Im sure it is a bit weaker than it is brand new). So I was able to use the post(stuck in my frame) to drill and file the CF base. Rode it for 4 or 5 hours today. absolutly beautiful, the stiffness of the base dosent give enough to let the post rebend. Im glad i dont have to order a new post or figure out how to get this one out of the frame.

So I do not at all recomend a CrMO post if you dont have a CF base.

…anyone have any thoughts on weather the CF would make an ALU post last longer or would it not matter as it is the welds on those posts that break?

I would think the CF base would help with aluminum posts too…even if it is the welds that break. The only reason the welds break is because of an awkward landing (or two) where too much weight is distributed on one side of the base.

Actually, having put a little more thought into it. Maybe it wouldn’t help very much…but I’d think it’d help somewhat, because the CF base makes it so weight is distributed directly down onto the seatpost.