broken seat handle

I brought a new KH fusion freeride saddle. I hadnt used it till yesterdays ride and when the handle hit the floor it immidatly broke.
It basiccly split the handle grip in half!!! I enclose a few pictures to show the damage to the handle.

4 pictures in that album of the broken handle:(

thats a common problem with the new saddles… theres a thread where kris holm said that it would be replaced if it happend, something about bad plastic…

sorry to hear about that. Send an email to the place you bought it from and then send it back. they will definately send you a new one.

I have sent them an email already. Its a sunday :angry: so ill have to wait till tomorrow for a reply. ive just taken the the sexi yellow handle and bumper from my only Qu-ax seat and replaced it for the time being. it was ridable put pinched on big drops :angry:

2 months of riding and only 1 brakage. Not bad :roll_eyes:


You’d be surprised, i got an email from Roger at 10:06 this evening about a problem with my nimbus about 10 mins after i emailed him.

But Roger seems to be a crazy man bent on ultimate customer satisfaction :stuck_out_tongue:

i checked my emails just after writing my 2nd post and he had replyed:p i was happy to hear that he would send me one first thing today:D

ive replaced it with my yellow bumber and handle for the time being.

i left a P.S. to say how satified i was with unicycle(dot)com customer service. it is extremly good

cheers all :roll_eyes: :sunglasses:

I would say that is pretty accurate, glad he got things sorted out so quickly for you.