broken salsa flip lock..bolt only!

Does anyone know if salsa or whoever, sells replacement bolts for the flip lock? It just snapped off about a week ago just before a ride (from now on I’ll keep a spare with me!) and I was going to toss it when I realized that the “flip” handle and the collar are just fine; it’s that allen head bolt that snapped in two! All I need to do is get the broken part out of the handle with an ez out, then just replace the bolt, but I wonder if I need to get the same one from salsa, or will any equivelent threaded bolt work? Imay have trouble finding the correct length and with the same allen head size. Thanks in advance for any help in this matter.:slight_smile:

Just bring it into a hardware store and say you want one of the same length with the same tooth count, they may have to order it but I’m sure they can get it. Make sure its not too short though, you can cut down bolts easily enouhg but you can’t make em bigger.