Broken or Unused Hub

I need hubs! Old, broken, unused, or otherwise unwanted is what I’m looking for. Any unicycle hub is good, KH strongly preferred.

I’m offering $5 and obviously I’ll cover shipping. I’m not looking for something to actually use, and I’d rather not destroy a perfectly good hub. This is about research.



good luck finding a broken KH hub… unless the flanges are broken off.

I am just curious what you are planning with the hubs. Gonna give us any hints?

Yeah I guess no one ever really breaks kh hubs, huh. He just makes them too strong.

I’m specifically interested in the KH hubs because from what I understand the axel is splined to mate with the hub shell itself and is press-fit; no welds.

Either way, any kind of unicycle hub is very useful to me. The axle, specifically, is what I’m interested in.

Hints? Ok, here’s one: Gears. Gears gears gears. Need I say more?