Broken nipples?

Hey, I know snapped spokes are common but today I discovered that I have snapped one of my nipples off. It is still threaded on to the spoke but the whole thing is dangling freely. The fatter part on the bottom that is supposed to keep it in my rim is probably inside there somewhere.
Has anyone else done this? I don’t know when it could have happended because I haven’t been riding the past few weeks.

im sorry, i have nothing to add to this thread, but my imature inner 8 year old has to say… hehe you said broken nipples


take your tire appart and check if your pinned spot ion your rim isnt separated or bent.

uni or bc?
ive smacked one of my nipples on a ledge at the skate park and bent it. but i havent snapped it.
or maby t was some sort of a defective nipple.

hope that helps

I was thinking about that as I was typing but I didn’t know any other way to say it;)

I have a KH trials eyeletted rim so the hole probably isn’t bent if thats what you mean.

It is on my uni, which is more wierd because I tend to step on and kick the spokes on my bc alot more.

I have just been doing flatland lately and my uni hasn’t come near an obstacle really at all, except for a firehydrant that cody made me try, my uni wasn’t on it very long though.

If I keep riding it with a spoke missing will it permanently damage my wheel? I am kind of lazy and I dont want to take my whole uni apart.

perhaps the nippleless spoke might puntrue the tube?

Yeah that might be possible, I probably should take it out.

I popped 7 nipples on a steep 9 stair handrail one time. It sounded like someone breaking crisp celery. It was pretty funny.

It turned out that the nipples were not compatible with the rim i was using and did not seat right as a result. I’m sure mine is a different case than yours, spencer, since the kh wheelset is a tried and true combo. Just figured id share . :slight_smile:


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same here. its pretty funny sounding.

i have never broken a nipple before, well, at least not on my uni. but on my bike i have

Only problem with my nipples is when I twisted one the wrong way too many times and it popped off, so I had to stick it back in and turn the other way to get them nice and tight and whatnot.

You should check if any part broke in the tube, cause that could pop the tire, and probably wont be hard to fix, cause if you can buy one nipple, it shouldnt be to expensive, just gotta get the right size of nipple, then screw the sucker back in.

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I actually got my shirt twisted in a drill press once and bruised my nipple. Ouch.

This thread is really funny. I alway have trouble in hardware stores using the word nipple or male or female in the plumbing department. It’s so silly that I get embarrassed.

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Have you tried rubbing your nipples with grease before twisting them so tightly?

Would getting my nipples greasy be better when I twist them tight? or should I leave them like they are?

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I love this thread. :slight_smile: It makes me laugh like an immature child.

Reminds me of this thread from the good old days. Be sure to click the picture link in the first post. GizmoDuck’s first reply was priceless.