Broken Magura SS lines

Just a heads-up to those running Maguras.

Well, I was riding down some stairs on my KH24, and UPD’ed farly lightly. I didn’t realize that the Magura lines must have hit the edge of a step, because both lines were snapped cleanly off at the swivel connector. Luckily, it didn’t affect the brakes themselves, just the lines.

I had played with locating the handle and routing the lines so a UPD on the street would not allow any of the parts to get hit by the road, but I didn’t allow for steps, etc.

Looks like I should have installed a booster plate on the back of the brakes, away from the frame, to help protect the lines. Once I build new lines, I’ll definitely install something ot protect them.

Anyone have any idea on where to buy parts to build lines? I’m looking for 8mm male and female swivel connectors and hose. I’m not concerned about using SS anymore. Thanks.

try, tim there usually has lots of spare magura parts and such.

Thanks, I’ll give him a call in the morning.