Broken hub...

I’m looking for a hub that I can use to make a spinning wheel. Yes, for spinning fibers into yarn.

This can be missing bits of flange, or a bent flange. It can have one side of the spindle broken off as long as the other side is good. It should have good bearing seats on both sides. The wheel will not be ridden, and so it can be in questionable condition from that perspective.

Interface is unimportant. ISIS, Square Taper, Cottered… in the same vein, number of spoke holes doesn’t matter. I will make it work.

Ideally this will be for the cost of shipping. I’m planning to build a spinning wheel that we can have at my school for students to learn with.

Thanks for looking!


I’m a spinner and would love to see a picture of the finished wheel. Sorry I don’t have a broken hub to give you.

I too would love to see a picture of it when it’s finished. If I can get a workable hub the rest should be pretty straightforward.

OK I am more curious than anything, but would a bottom bracket from a bike work? I am guessing you are going to build the big wheel around it, but the flanges would not have to be very strong for a spinning wheel. A cotter through the spindle might be enough to keep it from spinning on the shaft.

What are you using for the flyer?

Sorry I don’t have any old hubs right now.

My mom used to spin yarn when I was a kid.

I have a KH Moment hub that was creaking so I replaced it. Here is a pic. You can have it.

A bottom bracket might work, but not a cartridge. You’re right that the flanges wouldn’t need much strength. I could have my friend weld a couple of big washers to the spindle. I’ll give it some time for a hub, and if it doesn’t materialize this is a good suggestion. I have plenty of donor bottom brackets.

If I use a flyer I will probably make one out of wood. I have seen a wheel that spins something like a drop spindle, and that’s kind of what I’m planning at the moment. I expect most students to spin with drop spindles, but I would like a simple wheel available for students who have bigger projects in mind, and want to spin much more yarn.


Thanks to Munimag for the hub offer. I’ll be closing this thread, but once I have my plans drawn up I’ll post in the “current project” thread.

After thinking about it I will try to design it so that it can use an open spindle design (like I originally planned); however, I will make it so that the parts can be interchanged in the future to use a flyer/bobbin. Here I was trying to figure out the simplest way to make a working wheel, and you got me thinking about how cool it would be to…