broken hub disc

Hopefully this picture works, as it should be public through dropbox.

Anyways today I wanted to ride my KH26 in the forest, as it is a very fine uni, and when I arrived at the forest and taking it out of the car, I noticed 2 spokes were loose. I didn’t wanna drive home again and rode on it anyways, but how would I go about fixing this? Is this something the LBS should be able to fix, or do I need a totally new hub and if so, could the LBS replace it all. I am only a uni user and not technical at all nor do I have the tools.
Btw in the title I called it hub disc, but I haven’t the foggiest what that part of the hub is called :slight_smile:

link to picture :

That’s just the hub (KH moment hub specifically).

Sadly this is not something that can be fixed and you need a new hub.

The new KH spirit hub (probably the best option) is the same flange size and spacing (and I think the 100mm Nimbus ones may be as well but double check that) so you shouldn’t need different length spokes to rebuild the wheel following replacement.

The holes on the flange are broken so you’ll need a new hub which means rebuilding the wheel. Get in contact with UDC to buy a new hub and spokes. A bike shop should be able to rebuild the wheel if you supply the hub and spokes. Unicycle hubs don’t quite fit in a truing stand which might confuse some bike mechanics. They could use the unicycle frame instead.

Last year I built a 29er with help from a local expert bike wheel builder. I had some adapters for the truing stand that I purchased from UDC UK.

Thanks both. I also sent an email to Roland Wende of in Germany where I bought my few latest uni’s since they are closer by than DK.

Tomorrow I will go to the LBS in town and ask if they can true the wheel when I give them the new parts. I will tell them it doesn’t fit in their truing stand :slight_smile:

It may be easiest to have then use your uni as the stand for truing. Mount it in a bicycle holder.

This kind of hub fix will get you about 1000 miles:

Not recommended. :slight_smile:

Learn wheelbuilding yourself sooner rather than later. I posted this i the articles/tutorials section the other day: Wheelbuilding - experience of a novice who didn't want to read a book

Thanks uniMyra, I reckon the manhour costs in the bikeshop also add up, so I might prolly be cheaper off by buyng a whole new wheelset minus the tire and tube.

HI Setonix

Sorry to hear about the broken hub… that is bad luck! :frowning:

One thing to remember if you are planning in ordering an entire KH 26 wheelset: I think they stopped selling/making them so you might find it difficult to find one (I bought mine from ‘Germany Unicyles’ a year ago and it was the last one left).

UDC UK can build the wheel for you for £25. They don’t have the KH26 rim in stock, but you can use the Nimbus Dominator2.

The rim doesn’t matter so much as long as the hub / wheel-set fits with the frame. Of course if the rim is a different size than the KH26, then I would need new tires as well.

In my experience the KH rim is a great rim: especially if you’ve got the Knard tyre (or similar) on it (not sure if is the tyre you’ve got at the moment)

I used to have the Knard on the Quax rim (which is slightly narrower than the dominator one) and it was very twitchy and unpredictable. The Knard tyre is more stable on the KH one :slight_smile:

I have an Ardent 26 * 2.60

With the pic :stuck_out_tongue: