Broken DX Seat

I noticed today that the seat on my DX was loose, so i tried tightening up the bolts underneath … Then they sheared off. It almost felt like they were made of silly putty or something. Previously, another bolt fell out entirely, and one was loose, so now I have a saddle held on with one bolt. Is there any way to fix the seat or should I just buy a nimbus seat? Does Torker put warranties on their seats? Has anyone else had this problem?

Wait, so the whole bolt fell out, or was it just the acorn nuts that crapped out on you?

If you wanted to, you can take the seat off the post, then remove the staples from the cover, and then take off the foam from the seat. Leave the cover on though, cause we arent doing anything to the foam.

Then from there you can look at the top of your base and you can see what you need to do.

It isnt too hard, its just tedious to take the cover on and off and replace all the staples.

both actually… 2 bolts came entirely out of the seat, and 1 sheared off mid-bolt…i’ll probably try that…

I’m pretty sure that should come under warranty. I’m not sure how the specific one you have works, but they is definitely a manufacturers fault. Think about whether you want to return it before you take any of it apart though.

Probably not.

It sounds like you may have broken the metal stiffener plate in it which holds the bolts in plate allowing them to pull through.

Instead of buying a new seat, I’d reuse the foam and cover on a cf base. If you ride aggressively you’ll eventually break the Nimbus base as well (what you have sounds like a defect to me).

One of the bolts on my DX seat just spins, and one bolt on my Nimbus gell seat sheared off. 3 on each seams to be enough for me though.