Broken CF seat base

I did a search, and I didn’t find much.
I was out riding 5 mins ago, and trying double backs down this longish three set near my house… I kept coming close, but not getting both feet on… and then CRACK.

My seat was now sloping forward quite severely, so I had assumed that my Cromo seatpost had been snapped or bent. But no! :’( My base has cracked in half.

I’m not happy, because those things sure cost a fair amount, and I’m saving money so that I can move to Wellington in a few months. Now I can’t ride street till I find a way to buy another base.

How many others have broken these bases?

pictures please

Did you have a piece of plastic or rubber between the base and the post? I have heard of other bases breaking but only one base breaking that had that.

Yeah, of course. I have taken really good care of it. Stupid things cost $140NZ here, thats like 2 weeks of wages for me.

Ahh, ok well then I’m afraid you may have just had really really bad luck. Although I can empathize with the price, they cost 120 CAD over here, which is why I have yet to shell out the money to buy one.

I think I am just too damn heavy. I’m going to have to buy another one soon too, because the plastic bases only last a few weeks of light riding.
So far this year: Two badly sprained ankles, glandular fever, a hair cut, and a broken CF base. Just not a good one for my unicycling I guess.

Try a post with seat reinforcing tube, or stiffener plate in a plastic base. If you used some 1/8th steel for a plate you would’nt bend it ever.

Thing I will try a seat post made of a solid rod of steel, and a base with 7/8" steel plate :wink:

So, I know that Ryan Atkins has broken one… Anyone else?

Take a picture of the broken base along with pictures of how it was attached to the seatpost. I’m curious if there was something about how you had it attached that might have made it more likely to break. Did you score (scratch or chip) the base while drilling the holes? Anything else that might have contributed?

The CF seat bases aren’t indestructible. To keep prices reasonable they have a lot of resin in the middle and aren’t solid layers of CF all the way through. They aren’t as strong as some of the more mass produced CF bicycle parts that are able to use more CF and advanced molding and layering.

No scratches or chips, I can’t think of anything which may have caused it to fail other than the fact that I may not be the lightest rider. Technically the base hasn’t snapped right through, but flexes several mm. It is now on my bedroom floor, so I’ll have to try take some macro shots so the detail is high enough. Its kinda hard to see it.

That sux, Muzz. I might sell my Miyata shaped CF base if you twist my arm… I’m not really using it at the moment. You’d probably need to use a rail seatpost, as its drilled for Miyata seatposts.

You may search around your home town to find some one who does work on fiberglass. Chances are they could repair the base.

Erik Douane (mango) has broken one, and so has ryan atkins

Never going to consider a rail adaptor on my Street/Trials uni, just isn’t right.
Miyata base would be ok, but you’ve drilled it for (a) a Miyata seatpost (b) a Miyata handle, its hard to get 27.2mm Miyata cromoly seatposts, and my hands are too big for those small handles (like it for freestyle uni tho).

I live in our country’s largest city, so that’s no problem. I have all the equipment required for fiberglass work, but I doubt that would be strong enough. Might fabricate a few strengthener plates from steel and use them on the bases I already have, hopefully be strong enough.

Thanks, thats really what I wanted to know. I really gotta be more gentle when I am trying to land new tricks.

wait wht do you mean the CF seat base, I just bought the seat, are you saying it is possible to break one, ppl have broken them before???
It took me forever to raise up that much money…plz tell me it isnt the seat that broke, pics plz, and tell the truth, not wht i said.:frowning: :frowning:

Pretty sure I remember seeing Manu break one in a vid too.

People have definitely broken them before.

I snapped the back of a CF base ejecting from a glide. CF and hard surfaces like pavement don’t seem to mix well.

I have uploaded some pictures from my phone to the gallery,

Its hard to see the damage, but the cracks go all the way from one side to the other.

just because they can break, it doesn’t mean they aren’t good. They are about 20 times stronger, stiffer, and cooler looking then plastic, as well as lighter. you would brake 10 plastic seats before you broke a CF one.

And that’s why I’m buying another to replace the broken one. The fact that they don’t flex is worth it alone, they feel so much nicer, I want one for my muni for that reason.