broken bones

hey guys,

it is with great pleasue that i announce the fact that i can now join the list of those who have had broken bones claimed by the unicycle.

Ok it was only my finger… but it was my right index finger which in my oppinion is the best finger of them all. Anyway i did it cos i fell off a sandwhich board and onto another so really maybe it was the sandwhich board that claimed the bone? i dunno.

Peace out

I allmost broked several bones in my palm one week ago, the fingers were forced to 45 degree angle fingers-top of the hand, not really plesant, and now it has started hurting again. :confused:

Edit: Did this falling from my Ultimate Wheel…

About a year and a half ago I was on a muni ride and fell and landed on my arm facturing my right radial head which is near the elbow. A couple weeks later I fell again and broke it again. I never took time off from work which is a physical type job so my arm still hurts every once in a while. Anyways, welcome to the club. Later, gator.


You should feel lucky that you broke your index finger on your right hand! I’ve always wanted to work on becoming ambidextrious.