Broke my seat and was wondering

so i broke my seat for the 1st time today but now i stuck with a prob i cant find a Kris Holm Street Black Saddle any cheaper then 65 dollars anyone have any clue where i could get a cheaper one? and are the numbus saddles any good?

p.s wasnt sure if this was the wrong thread or not just didnt thing it fell under trade or the product review spot :stuck_out_tongue:

any help would be very much Kris Holm Street Black Saddle appreciated and thank you

KH, Nimbus and I believe KOXX1 all share the same seat base (maybe even COker and Qu-Ax but not so sure about them). If it is just the base that is broken and the foam and cover is still in good shape you could get the cheapest saddle with the proper base (probably a Nimbus) swap out the foam and cover (the only KH specific parts) and voila you have a like new saddle that you are already used to.

While you have everything apart you might as well beef up the stiffener plate to prevent it from breaking again. There are may ways to do this, be creative, I am sure you can figure something out.

i didnt know that and thank you i will just swap out a nimbus seat cuase they seem to be the cheapest :wink:

I’m pretty sure it’s only Miyata that has another base. :slight_smile:

If you want to be sure to never break another base get a carbon fibre base. Definitely worth it imo. It’s super stiff and will never break. Also about half the weight I think.

If you still lived in Florida i’d let you try mine. You’ll only keep breaking them faster and faster. :slight_smile:
If you can’t do that make a stonger stiffner plate like Sasqautch said!


KHU + other brands used to share the same saddle base prior to Spring 2009. There is a long story behind that; in short I came out with a saddle in 2003 which was composed of an existing base plus newly developed (at the time) reinforcement plate and front handle. With several upgrades, this was the frame used by KHU & licensed to other brands up until Spring 2009.

In Spring’09 I came out with an upgraded base and rear bumper, to replace the frame and bumper on KH saddles. This base is only on KH saddles, plus licensed to Nimbus for their Nimbus gel model. No other brands use it.

There are quite a few improvements compared to the original frame (which is still available, just not under the KH brand). It is quite a bit stronger, has easier grip on the sides, is slightly reshaped for more comfort, and the rear bumper is also shaped so that it doesn’t irritate your thighs as much when you hold the seat out front.