Broke my first Unicycle. Now what?


I broke my first Unicycle, for good I think, (very cheap ebay) jumping off a ledge about 2 feet high. (first time jumping off something higher than the curb or step). The whole crank just snapped off.

So now what should I get? I’m not sure how heavy duty I need the unicycle to be.

I found a “2010 20” TORKER DX UNICYCLE" would that be best?

Also the Uni I had was a 20". Should I stick with that?

Welcome to unicycling. Breaking unis is sad but it means you were pushing the limits. Torkers are pretty strong and would probably last a while. I ride a 20" Nimbus trials ( and it has held up to everything I can throw at it (3-4 foot drops). ISIS and other splined hubs are pretty much the standard for any rough riding.
As far as wheel size, its all about what you want to do on it and personal preference. Many people are happy with 20" wheels but I find myself wanting to go faster sometimes and I switch to my 26". Just my $.02

for wheel size:
20 for learning tricks and doing trials/street/flat
24 for some tricks/muni/slightly faster
above 26 is fast but could still easily be used for muni.
so if you want to ride long distances, get a bigger wheel. if you ONLY want to ride fast for a long way, then buy a 36er. you can handle it

maybe you already know this

The cheap 20 you broke was a regular 20. The trials unis use a different tire and rim (sometimes called a 19). Trials unis cost twice as much, or more, than normal 20’s, and are as heavy, but much stronger. Great for holding up to drops.
Pretty much all the ISIS trials unis are pretty good. KH is a bit lighter and has a great finish, but the others are strong also. Google and shop around, deals are common near the end of the year.

What you would like to get out of unicycling, depends on which uni you choose to buy. For general riding and learning tricks, I would recommend a 20" whether that be a trials 20" (19") or a standard 20". If you would like to get into mountian riding, then go for a 24" or bigger. Just make sure you purchase anything with a ISIS hub.