Hey guys, I was jumping around on my Campus the other night, and… :sunglasses:

I pwned my 152mm Torker DX Crank. At the pedal; the whole crank just ripped apart. I looked on UDC and they don’t sell the cranks; also, I looked on Torker’s site and they don’t sell just the cranks either. And as far as I know, the splines on the Torker hub aren’t ISIS, so I can’t get those schnazzy KH double drilled cranks… I’m really just looking for one replacement crank.

Pictures coming soon, as soon as I get out of class :roll_eyes:

hey, do you ride with SDuni?

ie. do I know you?


See if you can order one through your LBS, apparently that is not too hard.

ask unicaw how to get one. He has gotten several, and may actually have a brand new one.

how about warranty?

torker seem to be pretty stupid when it comes to warrranty lol