British Muni Weekend: Quantock Hills, 4-5 June 2005

With the unfortunate cancellation of the BMW in Cumbria, here’s another chance to show your hill climbing abilities on the Quantock Hills, Somerset, UK.

The Quantock Hills are a fairly compact ridge between Exmoor and Taunton, to the south of the Bristol Channel. The ridge is only about ten miles long but contains one of the highest concentrations of bridleways in the country, so is very popular with cyclists. Along the top of the ridge is a fairly level green lane suitable for riders of all abilities, while the combes on either side of the “inverted jelly mould” shape provide some fantastic descents and challenging climbs for the adventurous.

There are two YHA hostels within spitting distance of the hills for people who enjoy a roof over their head. There are a few campsites around but more research on my part is needed before deciding on one for those who wish to camp (yay!) so watch this space for updates.

At the bottom of an excellent descent to the north of the ridge lies a good tea room; there are numerous pubs all around, and there’s generally an ice-cream van at the top.

The date - 4th-5th of June - is under quite a few constraints, so apologies to people who aren’t available that weekend. Any earlier and it runs into various university dates; any later and it conflicts with the Solent ride the week after and the Mountain Mayhem later that month. However if anyone feels like visiting any other weekend drop me a line… :slight_smile:

A map of the hills can be found here. The ridge runs roughly north-west to south east; the Forestry Commission land to the south has some good fire roads and a few short technical sections, while the more open land to the north contains many miles of singletrack. The hills are easy to get to; twenty minutes by road from Taunton or Bridgwater on the M5. Bridgwater and Taunton have stations, and anyone arriving by train should have no difficultly scrounging a lift from there to the hills (I go past that way, as will anyone else driving there).


Excellent. You’ve picked the only weekend in June that I can make.
How much of the riding is Cokerable? :wink:


And the only one I can’t :frowning:

Strangely I’ll be in Cumbria!!

I’m hoping to make this, haven’t done enough camping this year.


Oh, go on then, I’ll come, just to make up the numbers.


I’ll be there, barring death or disease.

There are many, many miles of very cokerable trails. There are also many, many miles where a coker would result in horrific injuries… :slight_smile:

I’ve been on the Quantocks on various unicycles from the 29er with 110mm cranks to a 24" muni with 165mm cranks. There’s something for everyone…


Phil, thanks for organising this… I’ve never ridden off-road with anybody else before, so I’d love to come along - but I don’t think I can make the whole weekend. Chances are I should be able to make Saturday though - where and when are you meeting up? (I couldn’t find it on your website - could be I’m just being a muppet though).


Firm plans depend on me going over to check out the campsite, which I still haven’t actually got around to yet for one reason or another. Next weekend!

The place I have my eye on is right at the top end of the ridge near the exotic tropical shore of the Bristol Channel. The Saturday ride will start from there and cover the northern end of the hills. There’s a nearby car park here which has the advantage of being most of the way up the hill already.

At previous BMWs I think we’ve generally tried to get going by about 10am-ish. The tea room isn’t far away, though, so there’s no great hurry… :slight_smile:

The plan for Sunday is to drive around to a car park near the middle of the hills on the road between Crowcombe and Nether Stowey and exploring the southern end.


Thanks Phil. Probably see you there.



I’ve updated the webpage with a few odds and sods (such as getting the blummin’ date right!). I’ve found a campsite at Moorhouse Farm, just north of Holford. It’s £6.50 per pitch per night… the Quantocks doesn’t appear to be a particularly cheap place for camping, unfortunately. This place appears to be one of the few without electricity and Sky TV hookups at each pitch (no, really)…

If those who are interested in camping could drop me a line so I can give the campsite a vague idea of how many people to expect that would be great.

For people just coming for the day on Saturday this means they will be best joining us in Holford; there’s a car park right at the bottom of Hodder’s Combe here. This combe will (probably) be the last descent of the day, specially chosen so you won’t have time to dry off from the stream crossings before getting back in your nice clean cars. Mwuahahaha…


edit: why are my pound signs broken?

Phil, do you want to bring some printed deatils to distribute at SWUM next saturday?


Re: British Muni Weekend: Quantock Hills, 4-5 June 2005

On Sun, 15 May 2005 12:25:34 -0500, “phil” wrote:

>edit: why are my pound signs broken?

Must be you. I only saw one pound sign in that post but it was perfect
both on usenet and through the forum. The streetmap of Hodder’s Combe
didn’t display though, the page stayed blank. Must be me?

Edit: when I double clicked a local htm file somewhat later, IE came
up, it very briefly displayed a map and then my local file. Couldn’t
trick it into repeating that.

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wouldnt you be grumpy if somone just said you had PMS? - jagur



BBQ on the saturday night after the ride. Bring food!

P.S. I am not steal Phil’s thunder by taking over organising his meeting, even though he said it would be ok for me to :wink:

Cool, which do you chose? I can arrange either one! Soooo, shot to head or aids injection?

Aaargh, my thunder has been utterly, irretrievably stolen!

But yes, come to our Quantocks Barbeque, and stay for a bit of a ride around too. This includes you northern lot, who have been very quiet so far. Don’t worry, I can find some easy hills if you’re worried that it’s just too steep for you…



I intend to get there on the Friday night & will be camping.


I haven’t been keeping track of numbers… :roll_eyes: I think if the three of you come along it’ll make it up to approaching 15, I think.

Trials unis with fat tyres will be fine; they aren’t so good for zooming long distances but there are plenty of good routes that don’t involve going too far. Thin-tyred 20s would be difficult going, however.


…and bring food for the BBQ! :wink:

I quite fancy bird flu if you think you could arrange that for me.

As for the Muni weekend, will there be any night riding?