British Muni Weekend 2005 - 10th to 12th June

British Muni Weekend 2005 - 10th to 12th June

Hard and intermediate route on both days also with a range of both distance and easier options. We haven’t planned a night ride but there will be plenty of scope for that too if enough are interested. There will be something for everybody, the trick is to make the right choice of route to maximise pleasure!

There will be the opportunity to do longer routes of 12 to 36 miles for those so inclined. These routes all flow very well as good xc routes do and will be 100% rideable. The medium distance xc routes ie 12 miles will also be suitable for the less experienced as the technical requirement will be lower (but fitness required higher).

The ‘hard’ routes will be exactly that, so if you choose them expect hard, difficult, technical riding that will not flow like a xc route and may be short i.e. less than 10 miles distance - one way. However, it will include much to play on ie enormous rock outcrops, a lot of obstacles to repeat or attempt a number of times and the opportunity to push your technical skill to the highest limit… and beyond.

This will be a chance for us to offer what are, without doubt, some of the hardest and most exciting trails in the UK.

More details will be posted closer to the time but if the date is good and you want to do some serious muni & muni-trials - mark up your diary and calendar please.

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