British Muni Weekend 14th-16th Sept

Here’s some last minute details in addition to

Campers be aware that the Campsite Office closes at 8.00 pm on Friday, you
can however register your tent in the morning. Gates to the campsite are
locked at 11pm so try and get there befor otherwise you’ll have to park up
as near as possible and carry your tent thru.

If we’ve all gone to the pub we’ll leave some directions to it on a
unicycle (probably locked to a blue Toyota pickup) - it’s about 20 min
cycle ride off-road - so bring a torch or lights.

If you’re late at the cycle centre “Pedalabikeaway”, I’ll try and leave a
couple of maps of our route at their desk so you can try and catch us up.

We might have lunch at Beechenhurst Picnic site about 0.5 mile SSE - they
sell more food and they’ve some strong looking picnic tables around.

Mousemats will be 9 ukp I’ve had 12 printed and I’ll get another batch
done if more people want them.

See you there, Leo White