British Freestyle Comp at BUC

Right guys, lets get lots of entries this year, remember its all for fun, you have just under a week now to work something out, Leo and Leo got a routine together in 2 hours last year and it was very skillful and entertaining, so no excuses lets see some of your mean freestyle skills cough Mike and Kevin mc do a pairs routine please lol.
Na seriously all of you that are worried about looking stupid, don’t worry im going to make myself look ridiculus its great fun lol, and remember theres a beginner category this year so lots more should be able to enter, just be creative, use the space wisely and nod ya head to da beat lol
I want everyone doing it come on, Leo should do it again definetly, Iain you was looking well good last year so i want you in it this year, Edd,GK, AJ, maybe a Dani and Toni pairs routine, some of you older folks get in on it, what about a lunis group routine lol, Patrick, Leigh, Trev, Amanda, Roger, Will, Jason
Hope to see you all there

The first part is quite likely, they made me take them to a car park yesterday so they could work something out.

The 2nd part is less likely, the majority of us won’t be together again until Fri/Sat of BUC.

ah thats brilliant will be good experience for them, start the competition young.

This almost certainly means he’ll be wearing a dress.

ha ha ha maybe, are the 3 musketeers of engineering in attendance then lol

No just lewis, smout and I have engineering business to attend to. I like the name though.